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Firm Management

Strengthening Your Firm: Strategies for Success

Edited by Arthur G. Greene, published 1997, 200 pages Here’s an “owner’s manual” for the successful management of today’s law firm. Editor Arthur Greene and a team of experts share valuable insights and practical advice on important topics such as: adapting to change, meeting partnership challenges, dealing with financial problems and governance, improving leadership and… Read More »

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Risk Management: Survival Tools for Law Firms, 3rd Edition

Anthony E. Davis & Katie M. Lachter, published 2015 When the second edition of Risk Management: Survival Tools for Law Firms was published in 2007, the legal landscape was very different. Since then developments like new technologies, the financial crisis, and the rise of non-lawyers as major providers of legal services have all transformed the… Read More »

Categories: Book, Firm Management

The Power of Legal Project Management

David A Rueff Jr, Susan Raridon Lambreth, 2014, 571 pages This exhaustive reference will provide any lawyer with a complete and comprehensive review and discussion of legal project management (LPM), including the business case, the definitions and application, ethical considerations and the issues and constraints in implementation. You’ll discover a simple, easy-to-use framework that can… Read More »

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Passing the Torch Without Getting Burned: A Guide to Law Firm Retirement & Succession Planning

Peter A. Giuliani, published 2013, 161 pages For law firms, succession is a fact of life: founding partners retire, rainmakers depart, and in the meantime, client relationships must be preserved. Passing the Torch without Getting Burned: A Guide to Law Firm Retirement and Succession Planning is a comprehensive examination of the key economic issues typically… Read More »

Categories: Book, Firm Management, Succession Planning

Partner Departures & Lateral Moves

Geri S. Krauss, published 2009, 110 pages Once it was the exception for a partner to leave a firm. Now “the revolving door” of partner departures has been deemed a “modern-day law firm fixture.” What steps can a departing partner or an acquiring firm take to minimize risks and reduce potential liabilities? This book is… Read More »

Categories: Book, Firm Management, Succession Planning

Paralegals, Profitability and the Future of Your Practice

Arthur G. Greene & Therese A. Cannon, published 2003, 176 pages with CD-ROM This is the essential guide to effectively integrating paralegals into your practice and expanding their roles to ensure your firm is successful in the next decade. If you’re not currently using paralegals in your firm, the authors explain why you need paralegals… Read More »

Categories: Book, Firm Management

Of Counsel: A Guide for Law Firm and Practitioner 4th Edition

Harold G. Wren, Beverly J. Glascock & Jean L. Batman, published 2013, 363 pages A revised edition of an ABA Bestseller. This updated fourth edition will provide every lawyer who is currently Of Counsel or contemplating such a position, and every firm that recognizes the status with the background, understanding and language required to protect… Read More »

Categories: Book, Firm Management, Legal Careers

Modern Rules of Business Etiquette, 2nd Edition

Donna Gerson & David Gerson, published 2013, 152 pages Good manners and proper protocol can make, or break, a promising business relationship. Now, more than ever, this expanded, and updated edition of The Modern Rules of Business Etiquette is needed in every law firm. This book will help you build better and deeper relationships, and… Read More »

Categories: Book, Firm Management

Managing Partner 101: A Guide to Successful Law Firm Leadership 2nd Edition

Lawrence G. Green, published 2001, 152 pages This completely updated and expanded second edition of an ABA bestseller is designed to help managing partners, lawyers, and other legal professionals understand the role and responsibilities of a law firm’s managing partner. The book will shorten the learning curve for mastering successful management techniques for the new… Read More »

Categories: Book, Firm Management

The Lawyer’s Guide to Records Management and Retention: 2nd Edition

George C. Cunningham and John C. Montana, published 2014, 300 pages with CD-ROM Ensure you’re following the legal and ethics rules for maintaining hardcopy and electronic documents with this newly updated edition of an ABA bestseller. Learn how to minimize risk to your firm and your clients, improve your productivity, and decrease costs by following… Read More »

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