With Millennials set to become almost half of the U.S. workforce by 2020, those firms that understand how to connect with and motivate Millennials will benefit from an inspired and harmonious workforce.
Author JP Box offers his experiences as a Millennial practicing law to help frame the generational divides that lead to misunderstandings between associates and partners, to illuminate the Millennial mindset, and help law firms understand how to connect with, motivate, and retain the very best millennial attorneys.

Drawing from a reservoir of exhaustive research into the Millennial generation and relying upon his experiences as an attorney, the author identifies commonly held Millennial values and explores how law firms can incorporate those values into their culture to attract, motivate, and retain their top young lawyers. Those values include:

  • The ability to blend work and life together
  • The allure of flat hierarchies
  • The desire to make immediate contributions
  • The critical role of mentorship
  • The value and importance of collaboration
  • The strong preference for great experiences over high pay
  • The belief in doing well by doing good

The good news is that law firms can attract, motivate, and retain Millennial associates by creating environments where everyone–from Boomer and Generation X partners to Millennial associates–works together effectively and harmoniously. This book explores how firms can transform generational divides into strengths; how they can unlock the talents and passions of a new generation of lawyers eager to contribute; and how they can boost their firm’s retention rates and productivity by simply understanding the Millennial mindset.