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This is not a claim, but…

At LAWPRO we often get explanations from insureds as to why they feel their matter is not reportable to LAWPRO. Commonly we hear the following: “There is no claim against me. No one has commenced an action, there is no litigation. So, there is no claim”. In this article I will explain common misunderstandings about… Read More »

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LAWPRO is not like your auto insurer

In my more than 20 years of defending lawyers on malpractice claims, I continue to be amazed at how little some lawyers seem to know about the “LAWPRO policy” and how a claim is handled. I am also frustrated by how often lawyers have not done even the simplest things that could help them avoid… Read More »

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What new lawyers need to know about LAWPRO’s mandatory professional liability insurance

These FAQs answer some of the more common questions we hear from newly-called lawyers. The answers will help you determine if you need insurance coverage (or whether you’re exempt) and the steps you need to take to get your LAWPRO insurance coverage in place. What is professional liability insurance? Professional liability insurance is designed to… Read More »

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Availability of insurance coverage for lawyers acting as executor or trustee

Estate lawyers will sometimes be called upon by a client to act as executor or trustee as part of their Professional Services. Depending on the complexity of the estate or trust, these appointments can last for years and involve a substantial time investment. As with other aspects of a legal practice, alleged errors in the… Read More »

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What are my insurance options if I need to take a temporary leave of absence from practice?

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You can apply for Exemption ‘C’ under the LAWPRO Program if you are taking a temporary leave of absence from practice. The leave may be up to five years for family reasons or illness and two years for other reasons. This exemption is for a temporary leave of absence only, meaning you must intend to… Read More »

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Do your firm’s marketing practices expose you to vicarious liability?

While “law firm” once conjured an image either of a sole practitioner with a small storefront office or a multi-generational law firm with clearly defined partners and associates, many other firm structures now exist as lawyers opt to work from their homes, from virtual offices, and from shared accommodations. The work lawyers choose to do… Read More »

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Run-Off coverage: The coverage you have after you leave practice

When lawyers retire, get appointed to the bench, go in-house or otherwise claim exemption from maintaining LAWPRO insurance, they commonly ask LAWPRO two questions: 1. Do they still need to pay for insurance? 2. What sort of services are they still allowed to perform? When you leave private practice you are not “off the hook”… Read More »

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Liability insurance for lawyer/directors of charities or non-profits

Serving as a director of a charitable or not-for-profit corporation can be a rewarding but potentially risky experience. A director can be held personally liable for his or her own actions or failures to act, as well as jointly and severally liable with the other members of the board of directors. Directors with specialized knowledge… Read More »

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2017 Annual Review: Coverage

cover of May 2018 issue

Lowered premium proves successful; maintained for another year For the 2017 professional indemnity insurance renewal, LAWPRO introduced a $2,950 base premium, a $400 reduction from the year prior. Despite the lower premium, the company was able to meet its claims obligations on a roughly “break-even” basis – an approach made possible by the achievement of… Read More »

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