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Landmines for Lawyers When Drafting Wills

When it comes to mistakes and claims, the Achilles heel for lawyers in the wills and estates area is drafting wills: Making will-drafting errors – either because of poor communication, inadequate discovery or errors in law – is the single most common issue in claims reported in this area of law. In many cases, the… Read More »

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Microsoft Office 365 for Lawyers, 2nd Edition

As technology is constantly evolving, the Second Edition of Microsoft Office 365 for Lawyers is here with up-to-date information on the increasingly popular software program for small, midsized, and large law firms—Office 365. This easy to understand guide covers the most common questions lawyers have when considering migrating their firms to Office 365. With quickly… Read More »

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The Full Weight of the Law: How Legal Professionals Can Recognize and Rebound From Depression

Law students and lawyers report having a significantly higher rate of depression than the general population. When untreated, depression affects lawyers and their clients, families, friends, and colleagues. In addition to the effects of mental health conditions on lawyers’ lives, the same disorders can lead to substantial disciplinary issues that threaten attorneys’ ability to practice… Read More »

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Recent judicial decision makes private lender mortgages (slightly) less complicated

In past years, LAWPRO has written a series of articles on potential claims exposure on private mortgages when title insurance is obtained. A recent judicial decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal resolves some ambiguity as to the implications of transferring funds in such circumstances. The problem originally arose where the lender and borrower were… Read More »

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Know thy property: Four easily avoidable errors made before closing real estate transactions

When closing a real estate deal, there is limited time to address numerous legal and practical issues. Just getting a transaction across the finish line can often seem like a feat worthy of celebration. But getting past closing doesn’t bring closure if title errors are discovered after the fact. And even small errors can create… Read More »

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2018 Financial results explained

financial results explained

Net premiums: $107.5 million We kept our base premium unchanged this year, and that consistency is reflected in 2018’s net earned premiums of $107.5 million being only slightly below last year’s result. Since the number of practising lawyer full-time-equivalents (FTEs) is a solid 27,323, which is slightly higher than expected, the small reduction in net… Read More »

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E&O program review: Risk in the balance

When it comes to long-term trends in the quantity and causes of malpractice claims, slow and steady are positive descriptors. While many things in the legal profession could stand to move at a faster pace, predictable changes to potential risks allow LAWPRO to adequately plan for future costs and outlays by balancing them against premiums,… Read More »

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Ensuring good services with good service

glass balancing on beam

LAWPRO’s Underwriting & Customer Service department supports the primary program at LAWPRO, just like a sales department and customer help-line in a typical insurance company. A new record is established soon after a lawyer is called to the Ontario bar, and existing records are adjusted as lawyers move their practice, or move out of private… Read More »

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Repairs: The best defence is ensuring a defence isn’t needed

drawing of work desk

Most potential claims don’t result in litigation or settlement. The timely reporting of practice errors allows our counsel to step in and help lawyers take steps to rectify errors and prevent losses. LAWPRO counsel have substantial knowledge and experience in areas commonly associated with repairable practice errors, such as potentially missed limitation periods, administrative dismissals,… Read More »

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