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Secrets To Marketing & Automating Your Law Practice

By David M. Bitton. Published 2018 In this definitive guide to starting, marketing and growing your law firm, you’ll receive key insights from leading experts in the legal industry today. Inside you’ll discover 11 steps to launch a successful law firm, how to get website leads on autopilot, online advertising secrets from the pros, how… Read More »

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Sharing LAWPRO online content

Help your clients understand how you can help by sharing LAWPRO’s digital materials. Attached are instructions on how to incorporate this content on your firm’s website or blog. Share these materials with existing clients and also appeal to potential clients who may visit your sites when looking for a lawyer.

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Managing a Better Professional Services Firm

The legal services marketplace is now more competitive then ever, and the competitors are not just other lawyers. Clients have become more demanding and questioning about the legal services they receive. Technology has profoundly changed how lawyers do their work and serve clients. And, many common legal services have become commodities – with commodity pricing… Read More »

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How to Start and Build a Law Practice Platinum 5th Edition

Jay G. Foonberg, published 2004, 704 pages This classic ABA bestseller has been used by tens of thousands of lawyers as the comprehensive guide to planning, launching, and growing a successful practice. It’s packed with over 600 pages of guidance on identifying the right location, finding clients, setting fees, managing your office, maintaining an ethical… Read More »

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Blogging in One Hour for Lawyers

Ernie Svenson, published 2012, 141 pages Until a few years ago, only the largest firms could afford to engage an audience of millions. Now, lawyers in any size firm can reach a global audience at little to no cost–all because of blogs. An effective blog can help you promote your practice, become more “findable” online,… Read More »

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Women Rainmakers’ Best Marketing Tips 3rd Edition

Theda C. Snyder, published 2010, 142 pages The book contains well over 150 tips you can put to use right away to positively impact your marketing strategy. With this updated guide, you can learn creative marketing strategies that will build your client base and discover new action plans that fit your personal style and strengthen… Read More »

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Through the Client’s Eyes: New Approaches to Get Clients to Hire You Again and Again 3rd Edition

Henry W. Ewalt and Andrew W. Ewalt, published 2008, 300 pages This updated edition of the two-time bestseller Through the Client’s Eyes is for every attorney who has struggled with the love-hate traits inherent in the practice of law. Used as a comprehensive guidebook, you’ll learn how to better cultivate your existing client relationships without… Read More »

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Personal Marketing and Selling Skills

Catherine A. MacDonagh and Beth M. Cuzzone, published 2007, 146 pages This is the first volume in ABA’s new groundbreaking Law Firm Associates Development Series, created to teach important skills that associates and other lawyers need to succeed at their firms, but that they may have not learned in law school. This volume focuses on… Read More »

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Marketing Success Stories: Conversations with Leading Lawyers 2nd Edition

Hollis Hatfield Weishar & Joyce K. Smiley, published 2004, 240 pages This practice-building resource is an insightful collection of anecdotes on successful and creative marketing techniques used by lawyers and marketing professionals in a variety of practice settings. Whether you work in a firm of 1 or 1,000, these stories of marketing strategies that paid… Read More »

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