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Disaster Planning

You transferred funds to the wrong account – what now?

Fraudsters try to trick lawyers into wiring funds to an account that the fraudster controls. Sometimes, they succeed, and the funds get into the hands of criminals. What do you do then? Below are some examples that have been reported to us: 1. A lawyer’s office received a last-minute redirection of monies payable on the… Read More »

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Does your firm need cybercrime insurance?

In a study titled The Cost of Cybercrime, Accenture surveyed 254 companies in seven countries. Over the course of five years, the study revealed a 62 per cent increase in cybercrime attacks. Data breaches during the same period doubled to 130 per year. Accenture noted that while not every security breach results in a loss,… Read More »

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Managing Practice Interruptions

Managing Practice Interruptions cover

Foresight, along with some planning and preparation beforehand is critical to minimizing the impact of any accident or disaster, large or small. This booklet (Download PDF) provides a comprehensive review of the steps you can take to prepare for unexpected minor and major practice interruptions, and how you should respond to them. It reviews what… Read More »

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Cybersecurity Handbook: A Resource for Attorneys, Law Firms, and Business Professionals

Jill D. Rhodes and Vincent I. Polley, published 2013, 299 pages The ABA Cybersecurity Handbook: A Resource for Attorneys, Law Firms and Business Professionals provides practical cyber threat information, guidance, and strategies to lawyers and law firms of all sizes. The guide considers the interrelationship between lawyer and client, establishing what legal responsibilities and professional… Read More »

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Essential Formbook: Volume IV: Disaster Planning and Recovery/Risk Management and Professional Liability Insurance

Gary A. Munneke & Anthony E. Davis, 452 pages, 3-ring binder with CD-ROM Part I in the final volume of The Essential Form book series provides guidance on both planning for disaster and on recovery after such an event, including contributing to the disaster relief of others. Part II examines in detail professional liability insurance… Read More »

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Being Prepared: A Lawyer’s Guide to Dealing with Disability or Unexpected Events

Lloyd Cohen & Debra Hart Cohen, Published 2008, 220 pages Being Prepared is the essential workbook and guide for protecting your law practice against casualty or other unexpected event. If you haven’t started thinking about, or formulating, an action plan to properly protect your law firm, your clients, and your family in the event of… Read More »

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Cyber risk insurance options: Do you have the coverage you need?

The prevalence of cyber-related crime has been steadily increasing for a number of years. Many businesses invest heavily in the necessary IT infrastructure to protect their data, but despite best efforts and intentions, the frequent news stories in the press should serve as confirmation that breaches do occur. The cost implications of having personal or… Read More »

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Be ready with an incident response plan

sinister man stealing laptop

Because a cybercrime attack can cause irreparable harm, law firms should be prepared to take action immediately. Being able to do this requires an Incident Response Plan (IRP). An effective IRP can put a firm in a position to effectively and efficiently manage a breach by protecting sensitive data, systems, and networks, and to quickly… Read More »

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Land Acknowledgement

The offices of LAWPRO are located on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, Anishnabeg, Chippewa, Haudenosaunee and Wendat peoples. Toronto is covered by Treaty 13 with the Mississaugas of the Credit. LAWPRO respects and acknowledges the histories, languages, knowledge systems, and cultures of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit nations.

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