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Law students/new lawyers

Law Student Resources

Welcome law students! As you embark on your path in law, LAWPRO’s practicePRO program is here to help you succeed. These video presentations: provide an introduction to LAWPRO explore common claims we see and tips to avoid them share insights into how COVID-19 is shifting risks and opportunities for the legal profession introduce the fraud… Read More »

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Communicating like its 1876: The continuing importance of telephone skills for lawyers

When the Western Union Telegraph Co. famously declined to purchase the telephone patent from Alexander Graham Bell, it was allegedly because they wondered why anyone would want to use such a frivolous and impractical device when a clear and concise written message could just as easily be sent by telegraph. This assessment seems less absurd… Read More »

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Life after graduation: Reflections from LAWPRO students on moving from law school to the legal profession

Even after three years of law school, the articling or LPP experience can be an unfamiliar landscape. New graduates are faced with myriad choices affecting their future, and there are many new skills to learn in a short amount of time. But the first months of a new legal career are also an opportunity to… Read More »

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The First Timer’s Going to Court Cheat Sheet

Going to court for the first time can be an intimidating experience, but it can become familiar with practice. The level of formality and decorum in a courtroom is a unique part of Canadian life and should be treated seriously. Unlike what you may have seen on shows and social media, proceedings are rarely punctuated… Read More »

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Life after graduation: Profiles and advice on succeeding during the first years of a legal career

graduation caps and robes

After the congratulations, after the regalia, after the degree that’s been rolled and tied with ribbon, what comes next? It’s important to keep an open mind when starting your legal career. Many lawyers end up in positions very different than they were expecting, but still very rewarding. Remember that every role is an opportunity to… Read More »

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How would you answer these job interview questions?

Job interviews can be very stressful. It’s not easy to answer questions about yourself, especially when they are open-ended questions that address your personality, work habits, ability to do teamwork and so on. Good answers are the key to a successful interview, and hopefully a job offer. The questions asked at job interviews are fairly… Read More »

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Important resources for new lawyers

You’ve got this. We’ve got your back. Launching a legal career can feel overwhelming at times, but with the right tools you’ll be able to keep calm and grow your practice. We can help. As your mandatory professional liability insurance provider, LAWPRO is committed to helping you manage your practice and avoid malpractice claims. To… Read More »

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Inspiration and resources for new lawyers

While launching or building your career, don’t focus so closely on the daily grind that you lose sight of your reasons for practising law. An intentional, disciplined approach to building a practice will pay business and risk-management dividends. The articles featured here can help you get a running start. If you like what you read,… Read More »

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Marketing basics


Marketing basics It’s never too early to begin marketing services to existing and potential clients. As you work on a basic marketing plan, consider including the following activities and implementation schedule: Each week: Call a client and just say hi (don’t bill them for the call!). Take at least one current client, potential client, or… Read More »

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