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Counselling and wellness assistance

The Member Assistance Program (MAP), offered by Homewood Health provides a wide range of services and resources to lawyers, judges, paralegals, law students, and other legal professionals, as well as their families. Perhaps you’re stressed, not sleeping, dealing with marital strife or suspecting you drink too much. Or you may be searching for more information… Read More »

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The First Timer’s Going to Court Cheat Sheet

Going to court for the first time can be an intimidating experience, but it can become familiar with practice. The level of formality and decorum in a courtroom is a unique part of Canadian life and should be treated seriously. Unlike what you may have seen on shows and social media, proceedings are rarely punctuated… Read More »

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Essential LinkedIn dos and don’ts for law students

phone with linkedin app

With over 500 million users in more than 200 countries (including at least a million lawyers) and web traffic that ranks it as the 18th most visited site on the planet, LinkedIn is the social networking tool of choice for professionals. LinkedIn (LI) can also be useful to law students in a number of ways…. Read More »

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How would you answer these job interview questions?

Job interviews can be very stressful. It’s not easy to answer questions about yourself, especially when they are open-ended questions that address your personality, work habits, ability to do teamwork and so on. Good answers are the key to a successful interview, and hopefully a job offer. The questions asked at job interviews are fairly… Read More »

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New lawyer cyber dangers and how to avoid them (2018)

sinister man stealing laptop

Like the local bank, your practice holds valuable information and money. Your computer systems may contain client information, trade secrets, and intellectual property. Your trust accounts have large sums of money. A cyber breach or trust account theft will harm your clients and potentially cripple your practice. Security guards, specialized safes, and sophisticated procedures protect… Read More »

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What I wish I knew in law school (2017)

student with books

Midway through their articling terms at LawPRO we asked Raymond Ashurov and Rahim Andani to reflect on their law school experiences and how they relate to their early working experiences. Keep an open mind Many students enter law school with a preconceived plan of courses and the area of law in which they want to… Read More »

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Job market scoop: What do law firms look for? (2016)


Law students – like all students – are prone to anxiety about their career prospects. High-profile news about the employment challenges faced by new grads in the U.S. and changes in the articling requirements for Ontario have combined to create a climate of worry. But worrying about trends and generalizations can obscure the fact that… Read More »

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Stress management for law students (2016)

We all know what law school stress looks like. Come exam time, we see its physical manifestations: the law student, hibernating in the law library, subsisting on a diet of coffee and candy, sits surrounded by mountains of books, empty cans of energy drinks and an arsenal of highlighters. We recognize the bloodshot eyes and… Read More »

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Why I chose a career before law school (2014)

girl dressed as student and also lawyer

While many students take the LSAT and if accepted, go to law school after completing a first degree, some choose a different path. Many law students take a few years off in between, for several reasons, including making sure this is the career they want. Last year’s LawPRO articling students, along with one of LawPRO’s… Read More »

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