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You can rely on the register except when you can’t

As between innocent mortgagees, which has priority when a fraudulent discharge of a first mortgage makes way for additional mortgages? A fraudulent discharge is discovered After a “second mortgage” it issued to Brampton homeowners in December of 2012 went into default in February 2013, lender Secure Capital issued a notice of sale. CIBC, which believed… Read More »

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Risky VTB mortgage transactions in Collingwood and Barrie

LAWPRO is warning Ontario real estate lawyers to be on the alert for risky vendor takeback mortgage transactions, some of which may be closing this week. There is a significant potential claims risk for lawyers involved in these transactions. On April 24 we sent a LAWPRO Alert email to lawyers in the Barrie and Collingwood… Read More »

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Don’t get duped: 20 red flags of bad cheque fraud you should recognize

Lawyers in all areas of practice continue to be the frequent targets of bad cheque scams. These scams involve debt collections, business loans, IP licensing disputes or spousal support payments. While it appears Ontario lawyers are increasingly aware of these frauds, occasionally some are being duped into disbursing funds on a bad cheque they have… Read More »

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Protecting yourself from cybercrime dangers: The steps you need to take

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Cybercrime dangers are many, complex and ever-changing. Hardly a day goes by without another news report of a data breach or other cyber-related scam or theft. Cyber criminals have considerable resources and expertise, and can cause significant damage to their targets. Cyber criminals specifically target law firms as law firms regularly have funds in their… Read More »

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Be ready with an incident response plan

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Because a cybercrime attack can cause irreparable harm, law firms should be prepared to take action immediately. Being able to do this requires an Incident Response Plan (IRP). An effective IRP can put a firm in a position to effectively and efficiently manage a breach by protecting sensitive data, systems, and networks, and to quickly… Read More »

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Keeping your passwords strong and secure

Computer passwords are the keys that “unlock” our computer and network systems. We all have more passwords than we can remember. This tends to make us a bit lazy. We use obvious and easy-to-remember passwords – even the word “password” itself. Or worse: we don’t use them at all. Bad password habits are often one… Read More »

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Cybercrime and law firms: The risks and dangers are real

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Historians may well look back and call 2013 “The year of the hacker.” There have been numerous high-profile data breaches involving major corporations and online services: Facebook, Apple, Twitter, Adobe, NASDAQ, The New York Times and LexisNexis, to name just a few. Everyone reading this article likely has information stored by at least one, if… Read More »

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Could this happen to you? Getting duped on a bad cheque scam

In our newest effort to help Ontario lawyers appreciate where claims happen – and how to avoid them – we are pleased to introduce a new column to LAWPRO Magazine: “Could this happen to you?” Lawyers have told us they like to hear about real scenarios and circumstances that resulted in malpractice claims. They say… Read More »

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