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[Updated May 15, 2020] LAWPRO wants to reassure Ontario lawyers and its other stakeholders that we continue to operate. While calls to our customer service department have slowed down, new claim reports continue to come in at pre-crisis numbers – ten to fifteen each and every day. We have activated our business continuity plan and… Read More »

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Statement on Re Milne Estate decision

LAWPRO is aware of the Re Milne Estate decision and we confirm that it has been appealed. We expect the appeal won’t be heard for several months. We hope the appeal decision brings clarity to how primary and secondary wills should be drafted. Lawyers that have drafted wills that may be impacted by this decision… Read More »

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Common practice pitfalls and how to avoid them (2018 edition)

man balancing boxes

Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company (LAWPRO) was created to insure lawyers against legal malpractice claims. Most (though not all) claims are brought by a lawyer’s own client and include an allegation that the lawyer made a mistake or did not meet the standard of care expected of him or her when delivering legal services. No lawyer… Read More »

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Fraud Alert: Email funds transfer fraud targeting Ontario lawyers

LAWPRO has received multiple reports of an email funds transfer fraud targeting Ontario lawyers. Given the similarity of the conversations and the email addresses that are being used, we believe it is the same individual(s) behind this fraud and that there are other firms that have been targeted today, and over the last few weeks…. Read More »

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Clarification on implementation of non-resident speculation tax changes

With the new Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST) statements being required as of April 21, an issue arose as previously signed documents would have lost their approval if someone added the new statements. Late Friday afternoon the Ministry of Finance posted an update that clarifies how previously signed documents can be handled. The Ministry has confirmed… Read More »

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Clarifications on implementation of provincial land transfer tax changes

This afternoon the Ministry of Finance posted an update that clarifies how previously signed documents will be handled. The Ministry’s update makes it clear that previously signed documents will remain signed and can be registered “as is” through the transition period. The new LTT statements section will appear on all documents (including previously signed documents)… Read More »

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Non-resident speculation tax changes effective April 21, 2017

The Law Society received a letter from the Ministry of Finance today which provides details about the April 21, 2017 implementation of the non-resident speculation tax changes. LAWPRO encourages all lawyers who handle real estate transactions in Ontario to review this letter so they can take steps to comply with these changes. The letter indicates… Read More »

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