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Legal Careers

Introduction to Law Firm Practice

Michael Downey published 2010, 280 pages Navigating your way through a law firm practice can be overwhelming, especially in larger firms. A firm is made up of equity and non-equity partners, senior attorneys, senior associates, “Of Counsel” designates, associates, and interns, in addition to the paralegals, managers, and support staff that all help make a… Read More »

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The Fulfilled Lawyer: Create the Practice You Desire

Kathleen Paukert published 2014, 272 pages Many, if not most, lawyers today share a nagging sense of dissatisfaction in their day-to-day jobs, in their choice of career, in the balance between work and personal life. Yet few have any idea how to work toward greater fulfillment. Attorney Kathleen Paukert describes her personal journey to finding… Read More »

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Connecting With Your Colleagues

Barbara Miller & Martin Camp, published 2009, 230 pages The second volume in the Law Firm Associate’s Development Series will help associates learn how to effectively work together with their colleagues to achieve high levels of productivity and success in the law office. While work relationships can be challenging, this guide shows associates how they… Read More »

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Of Counsel: A Guide for Law Firm and Practitioner 4th Edition

Harold G. Wren, Beverly J. Glascock & Jean L. Batman, published 2013, 363 pages A revised edition of an ABA Bestseller. This updated fourth edition will provide every lawyer who is currently Of Counsel or contemplating such a position, and every firm that recognizes the status with the background, understanding and language required to protect… Read More »

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The Lawyer’s Guide to Succession Planning: A Project Management Approach for Successful Law Firm Transitions and Exits

John W. Olmstead, published 2016 Sixty-five percent of law firms’ equity partners in the U.S. are in their late 50s or early 60s. Over the next ten years, there will be many partners in firms of all sizes transitioning and exiting their practices. Many solo and sole owner attorneys as well as larger law firms… Read More »

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Flying Solo: A Survival Guide for Solo and Small Firm Lawyers 5th Edition

Edited by K. William Gibson, published 2014, 490 pages Newly revised and updated to meet the needs of today’s legal professionals, Flying Solo is a comprehensive guide to establishing and maintaining a successful solo law practice. The Fifth Edition of this ABA classic includes practical information gathered from a wide range of contributors, including successful… Read More »

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How would you answer these job interview questions?

Job interviews can be very stressful. It’s not easy to answer questions about yourself, especially when they are open-ended questions that address your personality, work habits, ability to do teamwork and so on. Good answers are the key to a successful interview, and hopefully a job offer. The questions asked at job interviews are fairly… Read More »

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Job market scoop: What do law firms look for?


Law students – like all students – are prone to anxiety about their career prospects. High-profile news about the employment challenges faced by new grads in the U.S. and changes in the articling requirements for Ontario have combined to create a climate of worry. But worrying about trends and generalizations can obscure the fact that… Read More »

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