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TitlePLUS program update: We’re listening

The theme for 2015 has been listening to our subscribers, customers and stakeholders. In 2015, the TitlePLUS program responded to requests and client needs with a number of improvements to products and services. Higher policy amounts For those doing higher value deals, we worked to introduce higher policy amounts. The following options are now available:… Read More »

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10 myths about the TitlePLUS program: What you need to know

[This article and PDF were updated in Feb 2018] MYTH 1. TitlePLUS® policies¹ are more expensive TitlePLUS “plain and simple” pricing includes premium, processing fee and taxes. See this chart for the total cost of TitlePLUS policies insuring residential resale purchases: MYTH 2. Other title insurers have legal services coverage TitlePLUS purchase and mortgage policies… Read More »

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Don’t worry about minor differences in title insurance policy terms – if you choose the right policy

We know that it is important to review the coverages, exclusions and specific exceptions in title insurance policies with clients. However, with respect to standard policy coverages (provided they are not affected by any property-specific exceptions), lawyers should be aware that the nature of Legal Service Coverage in TitlePLUS policies makes differences in these coverages… Read More »

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Title insurance that is meeting market demands

New Condo Select In addition to our New Home Program is New Condo Select. Selected new condominium developments in Ontario qualify for a streamlined title insurance application process. It’s simple. Access all New Condo Select developments – on or Realtiweb® Fill out the application online with some basic transaction-specific information Underwriting information is prepopulated… Read More »

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Demystifying condominiums with better communication

condo tower

Condominium ownership has a unique set of rules and responsibilities. Helping your clients understand what they are getting into can reduce your risk of a malpractice claim. Start off on the right foot at the beginning of your relationship by sending a detailed retainer letter setting out what you will or will not be doing… Read More »

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You may be exposed to a claim if you release a private mortgage advance to a third party

LAWPRO has become aware of a new exception to coverage in certain title insurance policies which could expose real estate practitioners to claims from their private lender clients. The issue has recently arisen in connection with private residential mortgage transactions, and in particular where the lender and borrower are separately represented, as required, because the… Read More »

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Title insurance policies are like a box of chocolates – No two policies are the same

“The lawyer should be knowledgeable about title insurance and discuss with the client the advantages, conditions, and limitations of the various options and coverages generally available to the client through title insurance,” states Rule 2.02(10) of the Rules of Professional Conduct. This obligation was brought home in a recent malpractice case where the lawyer did… Read More »

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TitlePLUS® program update

The mission continues The TitlePLUS initiative started in 1997 after consultations with the real estate bar. There was more than title insurance on the agenda. The mission was to combine the best of title insurance with the skills and knowledge of the real estate bar. The goal: maintain the important role of the real estate… Read More »

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Making the application process easier and quicker: Streamlined TitlePLUS underwriting for many residential properties over $1 million

Constantly looking for ways to improve processes, we are pleased to provide an easier application process for some residential properties in Ontario over the $1 million mark. Our standard automated underwriting now applies to the following types of properties (for purchase, mortgage-only and OwnerEXPRESS policies): New and resale condominiums, up to $2 million; New homes… Read More »

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