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In what ways do you think the TitlePLUS program might benefit new real estate lawyers?

The TitlePLUS program 1 is integrated with LawyerDoneDeal’s RealtiWeb which is a conveyancing platform that new real estate lawyers can take advantage of without paying upfront software fees. That’s very important for new lawyers. You and your clerks can log in from anywhere with a secure internet connection to review, monitor and work on files. This reduces cost and allows you to control the progression of files. Since it includes comprehensive Legal Service Coverage,2 the TitlePLUS program gives you peace of mind.

What challenges have TitlePLUS staff helped you overcome?

TitlePLUS staff are very helpful in offering support when you encounter difficult issues with a file. They are available by phone when you encounter things that you’ve never seen before and help you through difficult title issues.

Do you have any special advice for new lawyers?

If you’re going to start out on your own, you have to realize it’s a tough market out there. However, this also gives you the opportunity to be your own boss. It’s important to think of your practice as a business that is based on a model of workflow that needs to be highly structured. You also have to be organized in terms of getting clients and your pipelines ready. For instance, get to know some realtors in your area who can start funneling deals to you. One way to do this is to attend open houses. I established a relationship with the realtor I used to purchase my own house. When they realized I was a new lawyer, they invited me to their First Time Home Buyer session that was jointly held with a major lender, which gave me the opportunity to meet some mortgage brokers. Establishing relationships with other professionals involved in real estate can be a powerful tool for your practice – each connection can lead to referrals.

1 The TitlePLUS policy is underwritten by Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company (LAWPRO).
2 Excluding OwnerEXPRESS policies and Québec policies.