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LAWPRO Magazine: 2016 May – Year in Review 2015

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Stable. Advice. Trustworthy. Security. Professional. Coverage. 1

The words that appear on our cover describe how LAWPRO served its insureds in 2015. An insurance company can call itself a success if it provides stability in an unpredictable environment. Insurance allows the economy to grow by providing a place where it is safe for insureds to navigate day-to-day challenges and unpredictable events. with… Read More »

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2015 financial results explained 2

Net premiums: $120.7 million Net LawPRO revenues in 2015 were $120.7 million. Premiums from the mandatory insurance program were $5.8 million higher than in 2014, with the increase driven in part by the net increase in the number of insured lawyers purchasing insurance coverage in 2015. Net claims: $80.7 million Incurred claims and adjustment expenses… Read More »

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LAWPRO coverage subject to continual review 4

Experiencing a little déja vu when renewing your professional indemnity insurance in recent years? You’re not mistaken – LawPRO’s base premium for the Law Society’s mandatory insurance program has not changed since 2011. But the stability of the premium belies a continual effort, on the part of LawPRO underwriters, to stay ahead of developments in… Read More »

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Service: Streamlined and responsive 5

LAWPRO’s Customer Service and Underwriting department makes or receives over 40,000 customer phone calls each year. The subject matter of these calls is varied and challenging. Professional indemnity insurance is a complex product, and we offer a wide range of coverage options from which lawyers can choose. To improve our capacity for supporting lawyers in… Read More »

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TitlePLUS program update: We’re listening 7

The theme for 2015 has been listening to our subscribers, customers and stakeholders. In 2015, the TitlePLUS program responded to requests and client needs with a number of improvements to products and services. Higher policy amounts For those doing higher value deals, we worked to introduce higher policy amounts. The following options are now available:… Read More »

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An active corporate citizen 8

LAWPRO’s Corporate Social Responsibility program keeps us active in the community. Our dedication to being a responsible, involved and accountable corporate citizen of the many communities in which we are a part is focused on four principal areas: Fostering the legal community and access to justice LawPRO collaborated closely with the Ontario Justice Education Network… Read More »

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