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What do homeowners really know about title insurance? We stopped commuters in downtown Toronto to ask. The results were amusing and illuminating, and the video is available on LAWPRO’s YouTube channel as part of our public awareness campaign to educate the public on the role of lawyers.


We released two issues of LAWPRO Magazine. The student issue, Not your mother’s law career provided tips on making the transition from student to lawyer in a changing legal world. The right decision/wrong decision issue of the Magazine examined the ways in which understanding how the mind works can help lawyers improve their practice and avoid claims.


The IP malpractice claims fact sheet. Find quick claims facts, the main causes of claims against lawyers, hot topics, tips for avoiding claims, and links to practicePRO resources. LAWPRO claims fact sheets are available for many areas of law. If you are organizing a continuing professional development session, they are great program material and can be used as a program insert.


Our always up-to-date NRST/LTT frequently asked questions page on was created in response to sudden changes to tax and residency rules that caught the real estate bar by surprise. We worked with contacts at the Ministry of Finance to clarify the new rules and continuously update the information.


Inspiration & resources for new lawyers. This webzine was sent to recently called lawyers and provided articles and tips to help get their practice off on the right foot. Check out the New Lawyer Resources page for more information.


Reflections on technology changes in real estate practice. This article examines how rapid advances in technology are changing the practice of real estate law. Some developments are challenging (e.g., pressure from clients for more electronic services), while others can help lawyers avoid claims (e.g., software that facilitates better time management and communication).


Risk management resources for corporate/commercial lawyers. This webzine provided an overview of the latest claims trends and practice tips from our corporate and IP malpractice fact sheets, our commercial transactions checklist and a look at changes to escheats and PPSA law.


Managing change was the theme of this issue of LawPRO Magazine. It looked at how technology is changing the practice of law, how lawyers can make changes in their day to day habits, and how to smoothly make the biggest change of all: retirement. Also featured was an in-depth look at the rising cost of litigation claims.


The refreshed website was launched with a modern look and layout. Articles and resources are easier to find, available in a web-friendly and accessible format and easier to share on social media.


A record 350 CPD programs were approved for the LAWPRO Risk Management Credit for the 2018 policy year. With a combined attendance of over 52,000 the Credit ensures that risk management and claims prevention content is widely available to Ontario lawyers when they attend CPD programs.


The Criminal law in context webzine provided practical advice for managing risks both to clients dealing with the criminal justice system and to the lawyers representing them. It gave an update on the Gladue principles for sentencing Indigenous clients, advised lawyers to promptly report allegations of ineffective assistance of counsel, and provided a list of resources to better navigate cases where criminal and family law intersect.


Presentations and speaking engagements by LAWPRO staff passed 100 in 2017 for the first time. Staff spoke at CPD events, law firms, and conferences on topics such as claims trends, practice management, cybercrime and other issues of concern to LAWPRO insureds.