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LAWPRO’s Corporate Social Responsibility program keeps us active in the community. Our dedication to being a responsible, involved and accountable corporate citizen of the many communities in which we are a part is focused on four principal areas:

Fostering the legal community and access to justice

  • LawPRO collaborated closely with the Ontario Justice Education Network (OJEN) to develop a Foot in the Door: a Classroom Resource on Real Estate and Housing Law in Ontario to help build the financial and legal literacy of high school students. Modules include Developing Your Negotiation Skills, Rental Housing, and Purchase and Sale of a Home.
  • In September 2015, LawPRO devoted an issue of LAWPRO Magazine to the topic of wellness and balance for lawyers. Content included tips about coping with the day-to-day stresses of law practice, how to find a career path that provides happiness and professional satisfaction, how to identify and support a colleague who is struggling, a wellness self-assessment, and advice about how to engage the law office team. To view the “Finding your blue sky” magazine and a complete list of LAWPRO Magazines, visit our website.
  • The fourth annual Caron wishart Memorial Scholarship was presented to University of Toronto Faculty of Law student, Vivian Lee.
  • LawPRO was a sponsor of the Canadian leg of the Magna Carta exhibition celebrating the document’s 800th year. The Magna Carta and its companion document, the Charter of the Forest, set the groundwork for many concepts that continue to define democratic life today. as symbols of justice, they also act as powerful reminders that those who govern do so only by the consent of the people.

Providing a healthy and rewarding workplace

  • In 2015, LawPRO French-speaking staff created “Franco LawPRO,” an internal French conversation and networking group. at meetings, members practise French conversation skills and exchange information about translation strategies and related resources. Franco LawPRO members also maintain a lexicon of established translations.

Respecting the environment

  • Efforts to use less paper continued. LawPRO began releasing its annual Report in electronic format, with a simple postcard instead of a printed report.
  • In 2015, 98.8 per cent of our insured lawyers filed electronically helping us reduce the amount of paper used in our renewal process.

Supporting the broader Canadian community

  • In 2015, LawPRO staff-led events and denim Friday contributions resulted in a total of $27,615 for five chosen recipient charities: Toronto Children’s Breakfast Club, anaphylaxis Canada, Fanconi Canada, Good Shepherd Ministries, and Toronto Humane Society.
  • as part of LawPRO’s charity day program, employees may spend a day working with a charity of their choice. In 2015, employees donated 17 days in support of their chosen charities. Charities that benefited from help by LawPRO staff included Kol Hope for Children, Habitat for Humanity, Rethink Breast Cancer, Fanconi Canada, Belmont House, and the Daily Bread Food Bank.
  • This year, other staff-led charitable initiatives included:

*Donation of frozen lasagna by staff to the Good Shepherd Homeless Shelter – company record of 1,775 pounds of food donated this year;

*Customer service “Secret Santa” toy drive for Toy Mountain;

*Collection of canned goods for the Daily Bread Food Bank; and

*Sale of daffodil pins in support of cancer research.

Sarah Van Schepen is Communications Coordinator at LAWPRO.