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TitlePLUS program update: We’re listening

The theme for 2015 has been listening to our subscribers, customers and stakeholders. In 2015, the TitlePLUS program responded to requests and client needs with a number of improvements to products and services. Higher policy amounts For those doing higher value deals, we worked to introduce higher policy amounts. The following options are now available:… Read More »

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Planning to do real estate work? A primer on title insurance and the TitlePLUS program

If you’re planning to do any real estate work when you go into practice, you’ll soon hear about a resource used by many real estate practitioners – title insurance. It’s a type of insurance coverage that lawyers across Canada are telling their clients about to help protect them against some typical problems that might crop… Read More »

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10 myths about the TitlePLUS program: What you need to know

MYTH 1. TitlePLUS® policies1 are more expensive TitlePLUS “plain and simple” pricing includes premium, processing fee and taxes. See this chart for the total cost of TitlePLUS policies insuring residential resale purchases:         MYTH 2. Other title insurers have legal services coverage TitlePLUS purchase and mortgage policies include legal services coverage at… Read More »

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Don’t worry about minor differences in title insurance policy terms – if you choose the right policy

We know that it is important to review the coverages, exclusions and specific exceptions in title insurance policies with clients. However, with respect to standard policy coverages (provided they are not affected by any property-specific exceptions), lawyers should be aware that the nature of Legal Service Coverage in TitlePLUS policies makes differences in these coverages… Read More »

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REPCO reduction reflects commitment to risk-rating

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Real estate and civil litigation continue to be the areas of practice with the highest claims, both in terms of count and cost. However, real estate claims based on the registration of fraudulent instruments under the Land Titles Act where the claim would otherwise be excluded from coverage due to the dishonesty of the insured… Read More »

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Never release funds before closing without meeting security requirements under the Condominium Act

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Not infrequently, LAWPRO sees claims related to the release of condominium purchasers’ deposits to a vendor prior to closing. The circumstances under which these deposits can be released are strictly limited under the Condominium Act, 1998, S.O. 1998, c.19 (the “Act”), and the legislation does not permit contracting out of security requirements. Prior to the… Read More »

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Lenders’ lawyers: beware of fake title insurance policies

While relatively rare, LAWPRO has seen instances of fake title insurance policies. Kathleen Waters, LAWPRO’s President & CEO, touched on the subject at the Law Society’s recent Real Estate Summit. An example of a situation in which a policy has been discovered to be fake is where the lender insured has asked that the borrower’s… Read More »

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What do title insurers expect from lawyers?

Still relatively new in Canada, title insurance is not fully understood by many consumers. Even certain less-sophisticated lenders lack detailed knowledge of the product. The responsibility for explaining title insurance to those who purchase it – and for supporting insureds in obtaining coverage that suits their needs – falls squarely on lawyers’ shoulders. Lawyers are… Read More »

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You can rely on the register except when you can’t

As between innocent mortgagees, which has priority when a fraudulent discharge of a first mortgage makes way for additional mortgages? A fraudulent discharge is discovered After a “second mortgage” it issued to Brampton homeowners in December of 2012 went into default in February 2013, lender Secure Capital issued a notice of sale. CIBC, which believed… Read More »

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Excess coverage protects growing real estate practices

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Is your real estate practice growing? That’s a good thing. But keep in mind that your risk exposure may be growing along with it. A hot market can mean a higher transaction volume, unconditional offers, and shorter closing times. All of these factors place pressure on lawyers, and can increase the chance of an error… Read More »

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