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Defences: Standing up and stepping in for licensees

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Sometimes a client’s accusations can’t be resolved without litigation. When a licensee has a viable defence to malpractice accusations, and the claim cannot be resolved out of court, LAWPRO steps in to provide lawyers with an effective legal defence. LAWPRO’s claims management philosophy is aimed at quick resolutions in situations where there is liability, defend… Read More »

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There’s more to the TitlePLUS program than meets the eye

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With better clarity and ease of use being the focus of the program, 2018 saw a year of improvements to better meet the needs of our subscribers and their clients. We streamlined underwriting requirements for mortgage transactions so you can offer better options to your clients, and increased automated underwriting limits for commercial properties saving… Read More »

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Bringing our corporate responsibility to life

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Over the years, our corporate social responsibility (CSR) program has intrinsically become a part of LAWPRO’s culture and identity. Here are highlights of our contributions to the profession, charity and employee wellness in 2018. Fostering the legal profession LAWPRO continued its efforts to reach students and new lawyers by participating at the Toronto Lawyers Association… Read More »

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Common practice pitfalls: And how to avoid them

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Lawyers’ Professional Indemnity Company (LAWPRO) was created to insure lawyers against legal malpractice claims. Most claims are brought by a lawyer’s own client and include an allegation that the lawyer made a mistake or did not meet the standard of care expected of him or her when delivering legal services. No lawyer is immune to… Read More »

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What new lawyers need to know about LAWPRO’s mandatory professional liability insurance

These FAQs answer some of the more common questions we hear from newly-called lawyers. The answers will help you determine if you need insurance coverage (or whether you’re exempt) and the steps you need to take to get your LAWPRO insurance coverage in place. What is professional liability insurance? Professional liability insurance is designed to… Read More »

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It takes a village to build a lawyer: The importance of mentors in your legal career

man walking up steps

As a lawyer, you may have a good understanding of where to find historical legal documents, cases, or precedents, but what about advisers, or mentors, or counsellors? Starting a legal career can be an isolating experience, with many new lawyers spending time working alone while drafting documents or doing research. That’s why it usually takes… Read More »

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Counselling and wellness assistance

The Member Assistance Program (MAP), offered by Homewood Health provides a wide range of services and resources to lawyers, judges, paralegals, law students, and other legal professionals, as well as their families. Perhaps you’re stressed, not sleeping, dealing with marital strife or suspecting you drink too much. Or you may be searching for more information… Read More »

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The First Timer’s Going to Court Cheat Sheet

Going to court for the first time can be an intimidating experience, but it can become familiar with practice. The level of formality and decorum in a courtroom is a unique part of Canadian life and should be treated seriously. Unlike what you may have seen on shows and social media, proceedings are rarely punctuated… Read More »

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Life after graduation: Profiles and advice on succeeding during the first years of a legal career

graduation caps and robes

After the congratulations, after the regalia, after the degree that’s been rolled and tied with ribbon, what comes next? It’s important to keep an open mind when starting your legal career. Many lawyers end up in positions very different than they were expecting, but still very rewarding. Remember that every role is an opportunity to… Read More »

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