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Navigating the LAT Regime – Traps for unfamiliar lawyers

Even when a case falls into an area of law in which a lawyer is experienced, a new or unfamiliar administrative regime can present risks for lawyers not prepared for the particular statutory framework. Importantly, missing key details and requirements can lead to malpractice claims from inadequate investigation or communication failures with clients. The following… Read More »

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Run-Off coverage: The coverage you have after you leave practice

When lawyers retire, get appointed to the bench, go in-house or otherwise claim exemption from maintaining LAWPRO insurance, they commonly ask LAWPRO two questions: 1. Do they still need to pay for insurance? 2. What sort of services are they still allowed to perform? When you leave private practice you are not “off the hook”… Read More »

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Did you know that some title insurers include exceptions to fraud coverage for private lender transactions where the mortgage funds are not paid to acceptable parties?

question mark over houses

In light of the commonly held view that real estate is a safe investment, many individuals use mortgage investments to supplement income or as a means of saving for retirement. Unfortunately, a reality of the current real estate landscape is that private lenders are often the target of identity frauds. A title insurance policy generally… Read More »

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Paying attention to the fraud behind the curtain

mystery person at laptop

We have previously written about the dangers associated with email spoofing and phishing schemes, where fraudsters will send fabricated emails purporting to be from a trusted colleague or third party in an effort to trick a lawyer or staff member into clicking on a dangerous link or downloading a dangerous attachment. These fraudulent schemes continue… Read More »

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Tools for a strong foundation: Resources every real estate lawyer should know about

A successful real estate practice needs a variety of tools and resources. Here are four great resources that are a good starting place to find the right tool for whatever issues come to your practice. Real estate file management checklist: Real estate continues to be LAWPRO’s second largest claims area by count and cost, and… Read More »

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Book review: A Lawyer’s Guide to Healing

“If I had to pick the most common malady affecting lawyers, it would be alcoholism.” This is according to Don Carroll, former director of the North Carolina Lawyer’s Assistance Program and author of A Lawyer’s Guide to Healing: Solutions for Addiction and Depression. In the book, he examines how addiction and depression manifest in the… Read More »

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Fraud for Shelter Update

With housing prices on the rise, more rigorous mortgage rules, and the resulting difficulty for some Ontarians to purchase property, real estate lawyers should be mindful of fraud for shelter. Fraud for shelter differs from traditional real estate frauds. Usually in a real estate fraud, the goal is to fraudulently sell the property or to… Read More »

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2019 Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide

The popular annual guide to legal technology is back with its 2019 edition. The Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide is the only book of its kind that helps solo and small firm lawyers find the best value for their dollars in legal tech. In clear, understandable language, that authors give a vendor-neutral overview… Read More »

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Tips for navigating the new Simplified Procedure

Significant changes to the Superior Court Simplified Procedure came into effect on January 1, 2020. Budget Bill 2019 amended section 108 of the Courts of Justice Act to eliminate trials by jury under the Simplified Procedure. Regulatory changes filed October 23, 2019 unveiled significant further changes to the Simplified Procedure as prescribed by Rule 76… Read More »

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