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cover of May 2018 issue

This is my last editorial for LawPRO Magazine. After 10 years as CEO it is time for me to retire from LAWPRO. The title of CEO comes with a certain reputation. One knows that opportunities for growth and development will be offered but also great expectations will need to be met. I faced both to the best of my ability and am grateful for all that I learned, the people from across the country and the world I met, and even the challenges I faced.

I became President & CEO at the beginning of 2008, just prior to the crisis that rocked the financial world. At the time, the real estate market was being scrutinized, trust in financial institutions was being severely questioned and malpractice claims were on the rise. It was a challenging environment and I am honoured to have served this company through a decade of growth and opportunity.

As I hand over the reins to my successor, LAWPRO is a modern, accountable insurance company that can stand proudly among its peers. We have looked inward and evaluated what we stand for and the resulting Vision and Values Statement published in 2010 has provided us with a compass to guide our work. With our values of Professionalism, Innovation, Integrity, Service and Leadership as key touch points we created a template to pursue our vision: To be regarded as the preferred insurer in all markets and product lines in which we do business.

During my tenure, all LawPRO programs celebrated significant anniversaries: the 20th anniversary of operating the E&O insurance program, 20 years running TitlePLUS title insurance – the only all Canadian, bar-related title insurance product, 20 years offering Excess insurance to law firms in Ontario, and 15 years of the practicePRO program helping lawyers avoid claims. But above all else, I personally took seriously the responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy workplace for the amazing LAWPRO staff.

I have great faith in Dan Pinnington, who will bring his energy, experience, and vast knowledge to a company I cherish. What I most want to say is thank you – to employees, suppliers, the Board of Directors and the legal community that LawPRO serves.

Kathleen A. Waters, Retiring President & CEO