Focusing on family law practitioners, Unbundling Legal Services is a particularly appropriate resource given the unique promise that unbundling holds for family law litigants. In many jurisdictions, self-representation rates are highest in family cases. But, as any family law attorney (or family court litigant) knows, these are the case types that arguably benefit most from attorney involvement. Family issues are among the most sensitive and pressing matters that enter our civil justice system, and the outcomes of these cases can affect entire families for years to come. This important new book provides a crucial step forward in matching individuals with the family law services they need.

Written especially for the family lawyer, the book’s topics include:

  • Why unbundling works for both clients and lawyers–and how to implement it
  • The limited scope non-court family lawyer
  • Client intake
  • How a family lawyer can provide limited scope representation, from dispute resolution and drafting agreements and court forms to litigation, mediation, and legal wellness
  • The minefields, both ethical and practical, of offering limited scope services
  • Setting up, managing, and marketing unbundling
  • Limited scope services for specific family law issues, including parenting, support, and property division
  • Models of success and how to take the first steps towards offering unbundled services, and more