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LAWPRO understands that there may be circumstances in which a lawyer may have to take some time away from the private practice of law due to illness, family issues or other circumstances.

  • Lawyers who temporarily leave the practice of law and do not take any alternate employment may be eligible to apply for exemption from paying insurance premiums.
  • The appropriate exemption category is Exemption (c): temporary leave of absence.
  • Lawyers may qualify for Exemption (c) for any reason for up to two years.
  • If the temporary leave is for family or medical reasons, a lawyer can remain on Exemption (c) for up to five years.
  • Lawyers currently claiming exemption under another category are not eligible to amend their exemption category to Exemption (c).
  • Please review the “Rules for Exemption Eligibility” for detailed exemption criteria.

Coverage while on a temporary leave of absence

  • Lawyers who apply for Exemption (c) commencing January 1 do not pay any premium but are nevertheless provided with the standard practice policy coverage limits of $1 million per claim/$2 million in the aggregate, subject to a $5,000 per claim deductible. The policy limit and deductible are applicable to claim expenses, indemnity payments, and/or cost of repairs together.
  • For lawyers who apply for Exemption (c) commencing during the course of a policy year, their current (non-exempt) policy coverage continues in place for the remainder of that policy year.
  • Exemption (c) is a type of run-off coverage, meaning that it does NOT provide coverage for claims arising out of professional services that you provide while claiming an exemption (some exceptions apply).
  • This coverage applies only to claims arising out of services provided while in private practice.

How to apply

  • You can easily and quickly complete your exemption filing online at the secure section of the LAWPRO website ( Go to MY LAWPRO to sign in using your Law Society number and confidential password.