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LAWPRO Magazine: 2012 August Checklists

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Getting the final document correct: The rationale for using a checklist for commercial transactions

Many commercial matters involve the preparation of one or more documents. These documents are drafted based on communications between the parties to the document and/or their respective lawyers, the specific circumstances of the matter and applicable substantive law. While the majority of commercial deals in Ontario are concluded without difficulties, all too often LAWPRO sees… Read More »

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Top 10 family law developments to have on your radar

In the past 18 months, we have seen significant developments in jurisprudence on a variety of family law issues. In addition, a number of cases have come out that  while not strictly related to family law, should be kept in mind. The following are the top ten noteworthy cases that every family law lawyer should… Read More »

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Top 10 reasons we’re in a $100 million world

cover of Sept 2012 issue

That’s a number you will be hearing and reading about frequently in the coming year. It’s a number we first introduced to you in the most recent issue of LAWPRO Magazine – our annual review issue – because $100 million is the ballpark we expect to be in when all the dust has settled for… Read More »

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Vicarious directors’ liability?!?!

Everyone knows and accepts that legal partnerships are vicariously liable for the acts and omissions of their partners and employees in the course of the law firm’s business. Most law firms carry on their practices on the basis that their business is the practice of law. Some legal partnerships allow or even encourage their employees… Read More »

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Leaving your current law firm

Man and woman shaking hands

Lawyers who change firms, contact information, or practice status should notify both LawPRO and the Law society separately of these changes because LawPRO and the Law society maintain separate information databases. Joining a new firm Send an email to LAWPRO Customer Service ([email protected]) and include your new contact information and the effective date of the… Read More »

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Why we read the fine print from FSCO and OSFI

lawpro logo

FSCO’s announcement that it wants to get out of the P&C business may mean a new regulator for LAWPRO. Every insurance company operating in Canada today is regulated for solvency purposes at either the provincial or federal level. As a company that is inextricably tied to the Ontario bar (and in fact is, through the… Read More »

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Liability for client costs: Protect yourself

A recent Court of appeal decision, Attis v. Ontario1, has provided clarity on the issue of when counsel will be held personally responsible for legal costs ordered against a client. although Attis deals with this issue in the context of a class proceeding, the decision underscores the importance of certain “best practices” that can be applied… Read More »

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Lessons learned: The Limitations Act, 2002


Recent case law applying the Limitations Act, 2002 contains essential lessons and warnings for the profession. This article is a summary of these matters and what they mean for the practising bar. It really is a catch-all statute… Don’t forget that subject to certain expressly stated exceptions, the Limitations Act, 2002 is a broadly worded,… Read More »

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Book review: Cloud computing for lawyers

cover of Cloud Computing for Lawyers

“Cloud computing” has become the hot technology topic lately, and many lawyers are looking for information and guidance to help them both better understand the concept and integrate it into their firms. Nicole Black, founder of a company that educates lawyers on emerging legal technologies, has set out to explain the risks and benefits of… Read More »

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Land Acknowledgement

The offices of LAWPRO are located on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, Anishnabeg, Chippewa, Haudenosaunee and Wendat peoples. Toronto is covered by Treaty 13 with the Mississaugas of the Credit. LAWPRO respects and acknowledges the histories, languages, knowledge systems, and cultures of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit nations.

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