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Time at LawPRO: 2 years

Prior to joining LawPRO, Jordan practiced as a litigator engaged in all forms of insurance defence litigation as well as matrimonial law. He also has a background in corporate/commercial law, human rights, employment and real estate. Jordan has been active on LinkedIn for several years. In addition to being Claims Counsel, Jordan also speaks at conferences, advising lawyers on how to avoid malpractice claims.

Target audience:

  • Lawyers from all areas of practice
  • Academics, universities and colleges
  • Legal press and social media thought leaders
  • All those interested in legal practice management and risk avoidance
  • Stakeholders and others interested in issues impacting lawyers and the legal profession

Topics of interest:

  • Legal practice and risk management
  • Leadership and mentorship
  • Wellness and mindfulness
  • Innovation and best practices
  • Claim trends
  • Marketing
  • Current events

When asked what benefits he gets from participating in social media, Jordan said:

Social media is a great way to hear first-hand from leaders, innovators and others practising on the front lines from all over the world. Having access to the thoughts and experiences of those in your industry through social media allows for a broad­ening of one’s knowledge base on a scale unlike anything that was previously possible. Social media provides a platform for an ongoing exchange of ideas, best practices and advice which can serve to improve our profession as a whole. It is also great to have a constant stream of news and events that I can absorb quickly to stay informed.