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Nobody wants to deal with a malpractice claim – but 4 out of 5 Ontario lawyers will have at least one claim made against them in their careers. When a claim occurs, it is nice for the lawyer and client to have the LAWPRO insurance program in place, especially when claims arise out of honest mistakes or for reasons beyond the lawyer’s control. However, the majority of claims are preventable.

LAWPRO sees the same errors time and time again. Lawyer/client communications problems are the most common cause of claims for law firms of every size and in almost every area of practice. Missed deadlines and procrastination are the second largest cause of claims. Inadequate investigation or discovery of fact is the third largest cause of claims.

Over the last 17 years, the practicePRO program has produced a large collection of tools and resources aimed at helping lawyers avoid claims. This brochure has LAWPRO’s best claims prevention content. We strongly encourage all Ontario lawyers to review and use these tools and resources in their practices.