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In 2014, the practicePRO initiative continued to broaden the reach of its risk management message by providing claims information and risk management content for dozens of speakers who participated in 65 CPD programs and law association and law firm events, to a combined yeaudience of over 8,600 lawyers and paralegals. A particular focus was cybercrime awareness, on which we provided live education sessions throughout the province.

In total, 530,000 articles, checklists, and practice aids were downloaded from our website. The increasing number of downloads each year reflects that is seen as a valued source of practice management tools by lawyers in Ontario and beyond.

The AvoidAClaim blog published 427 posts on risk and practice management content, fraud prevention and the latest news from LAwPRO. The blog continues to grow in both subscribers and daily visitors, with 240,500 visits (or an average of 659 a day).

Email fraud continues

The number of email frauds reported by lawyers, and resulting blog warnings on, continued at a high pace: 3,400 suspicious emails resulted in 282 fraud posts in 2014. The number of warning posts each year has nearly doubled since 2011.

In an effort to dupe lawyers, fraudsters are continuing to change and update the names and scenarios they are using. We continue to receive fraud reports from around the world.

Receiving notice of fraud attempts from foreign jurisdictions lets us post warnings about active frauds for the benefit of Ontario lawyers.