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With your Law Society insurance renewing January 1, it is a good time to consider your firm’s excess needs. Remember that the limits on LAWPRO’s primary program are $1 million per claim/$2 million in the aggregate.

Could any of your matters lead to a malpractice claim of more than $1 million? Don’t forget to include defence costs and pre-judgment interest. And remember, you can be held liable for the work of partners, associates, employees and others.

LAWPRO has you covered as we offer excess limits ranging from $1 million per claim/in the aggregate to $9 million per claim/in the aggregate.

There are benefits to getting your excess insurance from LAWPRO. Our Excess program builds on the primary program, minimizing the possibility of gaps in coverage because of inconsistencies between the two policies. It can reduce delays and avoid potential disputes between insurers. As reporting a claim
with LAWPRO automatically triggers both primary and excess coverage, you also eliminate the worry that you could be denied excess coverage because you forgot to report promptly to all insurers.

Visit for more information or to apply for LAWPRO Excess Insurance.