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In continuing with the 15th anniversary theme, we decided to take a look back on how far LAWPRO and practicePRO have come in participating in the social media world.

The AvoidAClaim blog has been providing lawyers with current information and tips on avoiding malpractice claims since 2009. One of the most popular features of the blog is the fraud warning posts on scams targeting lawyers. While we predominantly see Ontario lawyers sending us information about active fraud attempts, we’ve also received information from lawyers across Canada, the United States, and as far away as Europe, South America and Australia. Activity on the blog has increased significantly over the years. AvoidAClaim currently averages 650 page views per day and is on target for 250,000 page views in 2013. Visit for the latest updates and information on risk management.

We joined the Twitterverse in 2009 and @LAWPRO sends daily updates on important corporate information and reminders as well as articles from LAWPROMagazine and our other publications. @LAWPRO currently has almost 1,900 followers and we’ve sent almost 2,000 tweets. Our Twitter activity grew in 2010 with the launch of the @practicePRO account. With over 2,100 tweets, this account is heavily focused on risk management and technology related resources and tools.

LAWPRO launched a corporate Facebook page in 2012 and it features posts on some of our internal and external events and activities. In 2013 we launched a LAWPRO corporate page on LinkedIn. The TitlePLUS program is also active in social media via @TitlePLUSCanada on Twitter and the TitlePLUS Home Buying Guide – Canada page on Facebook.

Last, but not least, more than a dozen of our employees are active on social media in a professional capacity.

We’ve been listening to you and monitoring the issues that matter to you through several forms of social media over the years. Please connect, follow or like us on one or more social media channels.

We hope to continue the conversation and we encourage you to let us know about items and information you would like us to share, tweet and post!