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On September 25, 2012, the TitlePLUS program reached its 15th anniversary. LAWPRO staff marked the event with an afternoon celebration.

TitlePLUS title insurance was created in 1997 to provide the market with a Canadian based title insurance product designed to be purchased with the advice and assistance of real estate lawyers. TitlePLUS title insurance is sold across Canada. Coverage is arranged through the insured’s trusted legal advisor, and includes legal services coverage (except for OwnerEXPRESS® policies and Québec policies). The philosophy underlying the TitlePLUS program has always been that title insurance is an additional protection arranged by lawyers, NOT a replacement for legal expertise. We are very proud of our fifteen-year history of standing behind the work of the Canadian real estate bar.

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TitlePLUS program now on Facebook

Looking for a resource to support your homebuyer clients? Why not recommend that they visit the “TitlePLUS Home Buying Guide – Canada” page on Facebook? The TitlePLUS program launched their Facebook page earlier this year. It provides prospective home buyers with real estate-related information, budgeting, how to protect oneself from fraud, and other issues of interest to consumers in the real estate market. You can find us at: