Finding out that money you sent out of trust has gone missing is a lawyer’s worst nightmare.

Unfortunately, we are seeing a rise in wire fraud efforts targeting law firms and their clients. Fraudsters have developed several ways to convince lawyers and law clerks to wire funds out of law firm trust accounts to fraudsters’ accounts.

In this program, hear from the experts about the latest wire scams against law firms and their clients and how to stay a step ahead. You will learn tips you can easily implement in your practice to help prevent wire fraud and other cyber dangers. This is a must-view program for lawyers, their clerks and staff to understand and combat wire fraud.

Program Materials


Juda Strawczynski, Director, practicePRO, LAWPRO

Mouna Hanna, Dolden Wallace Folick LLP

Ray Leclair, Vice President Public Affairs, LAWPRO

Victoria Crewe-Nelson, Vice President, Underwriting & Customer Service and Secretary

Tannis A. Waugh, Tannis A. Waugh Professional Corporation

Attendees can claim a $50 Risk Management Credit to be applied to their LAWPRO premiums. Claim the credit here.

This program contains 1.5 Professionalism Hour(s)