The popular annual guide to legal technology is back with its 2019 edition. The Solo and Small Firm Legal Technology Guide is the only book of its kind that helps solo and small firm lawyers find the best value for their dollars in legal tech. In clear, understandable language, that authors give a vendor-neutral overview of and recommendations for computers, servers, networking equipment, legal software, printers, security products, smartphones, tablets, and more.

Whether you choose to do it yourself or work with an IT consultant, this book has the information you need to reduce the sea of choices to a manageable set of proven options.

New and updated topics for this edition include:

  • The latest recommendations on hardware and software for PCs, Macs, and tablets
  • Best products and practices to protect sensitive data from internal and external security threats
  • Tips for safe and secure remote access to your data, even when traveling abroad
  • Advice to help you prepare for the worst-case scenarios — lost smartphone, data breach, natural disaster
  • Tomorrow in legal tech, from trends in cyber risks to cloud computing and relevant new ethics opinions
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