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LAWPRO’s Underwriting & Customer Service department supports the primary program at LAWPRO, just like a sales department and customer help-line in a typical insurance company. A new record is established soon after a lawyer is called to the Ontario bar, and existing records are adjusted as lawyers move their practice, or move out of private practice entirely. Renewal occurs each year following the Law Society of Ontario’s convocation.

LAWPRO takes its commitment to customer service seriously. LAWPRO receives approximately 31,000 phone calls a year, along with approximately 25,000 pieces of correspondence. Every call and email is important to us, with many insureds seeking specific direction on coverage options, needs, and eligibility.

Over the past two years, LAWPRO has seen an increased volume of correspondence in its customer service department, with received correspondence increasing by almost nine per cent since 2016. In response, our team has adopted new approaches aimed at managing the heavier workload.

One way in which LAWPRO has taken steps to improve the customer experience is through our recent redesign of The redesigned website was updated with a new look and navigation to improve the user-experience and availability of policy information.

Aligning LAWPRO procedures with the Law Society of Ontario

To better meet lawyers’ expectations and achieve greater consistency, LAWPRO took additional steps in 2018 to align its administrative practises with those of the Law Society of Ontario. In recent years the Law Society of Ontario reduced its default period for certain administrative matters such as failure to complete filings and pay fees and levies to 60 days. Accordingly, for LAWPRO matters, the default period was reduced to match the period set by the Law Society.

Aligned policies between the Law Society of Ontario and LAWPRO reduces confusion and inconsistencies between the different contact points for Ontario lawyers.

Expertise comes from experience

In 2018, LAWPRO saw some significant leadership changes. Dan Pinnington was appointed President & CEO, Domenic Bellacicco was appointed Vice President for Claims, and Stephen Freedman took on the position of Executive Vice President following the retirement of Duncan Gosnell after 23 years with LAWPRO. Our customer service department also received new leadership as Victoria Crewe-Nelson was appointed Vice President for Underwriting & Customer Service at the end of 2018. LAWPRO relies on the knowledge and experience of its superlative team to ensure effective insurance for licensees.