Easy-to-navigate online processes backed by knowledgeable Program Coordinators

LAWPRO’s Underwriting & Customer Service (UCS) Department handles applications and renewals for the primary professional indemnity insurance program, which provided coverage to over 26,700 insureds in 2017. Over the past few years, LAWPRO has been fine-tuning the My LAWPRO online portal to make it easy and convenient to renew insurance online. We recognize, however, that when making changes to your practice you may have questions about your coverage. For this reason, our team of Program Coordinators is trained to provide support when needed.

Insureds communicate with our UCS Department for a wide range of reasons, including obtaining advice about coverage options, needs, and eligibility. In 2017, the department, which provides services in both English and French, handled approximately 42,000 telephone calls and reviewed 24,566 written communications.

Service initiatives in 2017
Each year, the UCS Department undertakes an analysis of the previous year’s renewal season processes to identify areas of potential improvement. In response to that analysis, a number of initiatives were undertaken by the UCS Department in 2017.

These changes were implemented to provide better service and to ensure that LAWPRO fully meets its obligations in relation to the Law Society insurance program.

2017 initiatives included:
• updating the firm renewal filing process to incorporate credit card tokenization functionality;
• making it possible for designated government agencies to file a single renewal application for policy coverage for all members of their agency online, with appropriate discounts;
• investigating system requirements for the provision of a Certificate of Insurance for those firms carrying Excess coverage with LAWPRO;
• making changes to programming for the Claims History Surcharge to improve the efficient application of the surcharge; and
• updating internal systems to support the earlier identification of insureds’ language communication preferences.

Request and receive proof of coverage online

You can request and receive a Certificate of Insurance to provide to a client, a Law Society or anyone else via lawpro.ca. Login to MY LAWPRO and go to the Primary Policy Documents tab.

This functionality allows you to obtain proof of coverage without having to contact LAWPRO Customer Service. My LAWPRO is available 24 hours a day by entering your Law Society number and confidential online password (follow the online instructions to reset or request a password).

Firms can also request proof of coverage for all or some of their lawyers at My LAWPRO under the Primary Policy Documents tab by logging in using the firm number and firm’s master password. Now, firms with Excess coverage in place can also log into My LAWPRO under the Excess Coverage tab to obtain proof of Excess coverage with LAWPRO.

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