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Finding Your Way – Coping with Health and Wellness Issues

Our January issue of LAWPRO Magazine looks at health and wellness in the legal profession and resources available to Ontario lawyers to keep them operating at their best.

Editorial: Help is available: The articles in this issue of LAWPRO Magazine will help you better
appreciate when you or a colleague can benefit from getting some help to deal with a personal issue.

Understanding mental health in the legal profession: The mental health challenges of a career in law have been ignored for many years. Unaddressed, they can affect both quality of life for the lawyer and quality of legal service received by clients.

Using the MAP to find a healthier way: Although compromised mental health within the legal profession has historically been a widespread and deeply rooted problem, increasing awareness and new resources are building a healthier, more resilient, and stronger profession. That’s where from the Member Assistance Program (MAP) comes in.

Warning signs – Why it’s important for lawyers and firms to be proactive about mental health: When lawyers ignore their mental health and fail to act on warning signs, they not only harm their quality-of-life and job satisfaction, they leave themselves open to a claim, or even a cluster of malpractice claims.

Puttıng the fire out: Dealing with the stress of a malpractice claim: There is simply no doubt about it: making an error or having an action commenced against you is stressful,
even for the most successful lawyers.

What are my insurance options if I need to take a temporary leave of absence from practice? Exemption “C” and tips to avoid the files you leave behind becoming a malpractice claim.

Do your firm’s marketing practices expose you to vicarious liability? With new law firm arrangements come new decisions about how to advertise one’s services to the public. Some of those decisions can lead to unexpected liability.

Navigating the LAT Regime – Traps for unfamiliar lawyers: A new or unfamiliar administrative regime can present risks for lawyers not prepared for the particular statutory framework.

Run-Off coverage: The coverage you have after you leave practice: When you leave private practice you are not “off the hook” for any claims that may be made against you.

Did you know that some title insurers include exceptions to fraud coverage for private lender transactions where the mortgage funds are not paid to acceptable parties? Don’t get caught on a technicality.

Paying attention to the fraud behind the curtain: Here are recent examples of cyber-fraud and practical advice on how to avoid similar attempts in the future.

Tools for a strong foundation – Resources every real estate lawyer should know about: A successful real estate practice needs a variety of tools and resources.

Book review: A Lawyer’s Guide to Healing: If you’re a lawyer or know a lawyer who may be struggling with addiction, this book is a good starting point on the road to getting help.

Land Acknowledgement

The offices of LAWPRO are located on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, Anishnabeg, Chippewa, Haudenosaunee and Wendat peoples. Toronto is covered by Treaty 13 with the Mississaugas of the Credit. LAWPRO respects and acknowledges the histories, languages, knowledge systems, and cultures of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit nations.

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