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Using Title Insurance Safely Checklist

Title insurance plays an important role in real estate transactions. each transaction presents a different set of circumstances and risks. The Using Title Insurance Safely checklist (English) (Francais) keeps you on top of the variety of issues to consider when your are obtaining a title insurance policy for your client.

The checklist provides further details on the tasks listed below. Print out the PDF to check off steps as they are completed, and add it to your file as a record of your progress.

  1. Know the policy and routine endorsements
  2. Obtain information from client
  3. Consider ordering survey
  4. Make early disclosure to client (e.g. retainer letter)
  5. Confirm if client does NOT want title insurance
  6. Do title search
  7. Consider need for abutting parcel searches
  8. Do executions search
  9. Undertake off-title due diligence as required by title insurer
  10. Undertake additional off-title searches (if any)
  11. Consider endorsements required
  12. Order title insurance
  13. Review draft coverage for your specific transaction
  14. Review any property-specific exceptions to coverage in detail
  15. Confirm premium will be as expected
  16. Meet with your purchaser client
  17. Make any necessary disclosure to lend
  18. Close the deal
  19. Pay the premium and obtain issued policy(ies) promptly
  20. Review the issued policy(ies) immediately
  21. Report to the purchaser and lender

Land Acknowledgement

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