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LAWPRO Magazine: 2015 Student Issue 3

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What I wish I knew in law school 2

Law school can be a steep learning curve, and stepping into the world of practice can seem even more daunting. One of the most common complaints I hear from recent graduates is that they feel under-prepared to deal with the day-to-day realities of practice that they are confronting as articling students or recent calls. While… Read More »

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Essential LinkedIn dos and don’ts for law students 3

With over 120 million users in more than 200 countries (including at least a million lawyers) and web traffic that ranks it as the 13th most visited site on the planet, LinkedIn is the social networking tool of choice for professionals. LinkedIn can also be useful to law students in a number of ways. First,… Read More »

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Feeling the pressure? 4

Each of us faces challenges in life. Sometimes we welcome those challenges, like marriage, the birth of a child, a promotion or a new job. And sometimes we don’t, like divorce, job loss, a serious illness or the death of a loved one. It is no secret that a legal career brings with it many… Read More »

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Impressions of a Law Practice Program student 5

As part of the inaugural group of Law Practice Program (LPP) participants, I am pleased to have an opportunity to share my impressions with you. The LPP consists of four months of in-person and online training with Ryerson University and a four month work placement. There is also a French LPP run at the University… Read More »

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