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While legal matters can appear to be fairly simple and routine in their initial stages, they often end up being more complex as clients may not mention relevant details about their circumstances, and it is easy to overlook asking a key question in an intake interview. In a similar fashion, drafting an agreement may appear as a simple task at the start only to become more complex as details are fleshed out and pen is put to paper. The demands and pressures of a busy practice can make it easy to misunderstand or overlook the importance of something a client has told you or miss a deadline. Your clients expect you to identify and highlight all relevant issues for them.

We have prepared checklists that will walk you through the key steps on a wide variety of tasks on different types of matters, including intake interviews, ILA advice, commercial agreement drafting and more. Checklists will help ensure you don’t miss critical steps or questions, especially when they seem mundane and familiar because you’ve done them many times before.

Annual Legal Health Check-up

In the same way a visit with a doctor or financial advisor offers an opportunity to identify issues and gauge physical or financial health, a discussion with a lawyer can help improve how clients deal with existing or potential legal issues. Perhaps your client has experienced a change in their relationship status or is considering… Read More »


Client Trial Preparation Checklist

Prepare your client for the ups and downs of trial with this customizable checklist, which covers topics to discuss with your client, including process, timing, outcomes, risks and costs. From managing emotions to the day-to-day workings of a trial, the checklist covers important topics to discuss with your client in preparation for trial. Below are… Read More »


Commercial Transactions Checklist

Many commercial matters involve the preparation of one or more documents. These documents are drafted based on communications between the parties to the document and/or their respective lawyers, the specific circumstances of the matter and applicable substantive law. While the majority of commercial deals in Ontario are concluded without difficulties, all too often LAWPRO sees… Read More »


Construction Lien Flowchart

This detailed flowchart will help you determine which Act applies to your construction law matter. Generally, the old Act will apply where a contract for the improvement was entered into before July 1, 2018 or a “procurement process” for the improvement was commenced before July 1, 2018 by the owner. If neither of these circumstances… Read More »


Delegation checklist

Delegation is an important part of practice. Use this checklist as a guideline to ensure you are delegating effectively or, if you are receiving delegated work, you are clear on the objectives. Use it, and share it with colleagues and staff. With thanks to Andrew Bernstein for sharing some great tips and checklist which were… Read More »


Employee Departure Checklist

When any employee leaves your firm, regardless of whether they are leaving of their own accord or are being terminated, you need to ensure that your systems are protected. Promptly close all the departed employee’s points of access to your office and computer systems. This includes physical access with keys or access cards, as well… Read More »


Generic ILA Checklist

A person seeking independent legal advice is as much your client as any other. Resist the temptation to rush or take shortcuts. A lower standard of service is not warranted just because your meeting is brief and you may not see the client again. Remember that a modest $150 independent legal advice (ILA) consultation can… Read More »


ILA for Domestic Contracts Checklist

This checklist is designed specifically for domestic contracts. A person seeking independent legal advice is as much your client as any other. Resist the temptation to rush or take shortcuts. A lower standard of service is not warranted just because your meeting is brief and you may not see the client again. Remember that a… Read More »


Leave of Absence Insurance Options and Checklist

LAWPRO claims statistics show that lawyers taking extended leaves of absence face increased vulnerability to claims as a result of inadequate file supervision, transfer procedures, and missed deadlines. Litigators should be mindful of the 5-year deadline to set matters down for trial under Rule 48. Here are some tips to avoid the files you leave… Read More »


Non-Resident Sale Holdback Flowchart

Follow this flowchart when dealing with the sale of a property by a non-resident seller where there is no s.116 clearance certificate on closing. LAWPRO sees claims from the sellers and buyers lawyers who have missed or misinterpreted the obligations and liabilities which arise when a non-resident sells a property without delivering a s.116 clearance… Read More »


Real Estate File Management Checklist

Real estate continues to be the second largest LAWPRO claims area by count and cost. Breakdown in lawyer/client communication is the most common cause of real estate claims. Even the most routine real estate transaction has many steps and the details may seem obvious but it is easy to let one or two slip through… Read More »


Residential Real Estate Tax Considerations Checklist

Download this Real Estate Tax Considerations Checklist to help navigate the complex landscape of tax-related issues you need to consider when representing buyers and sellers. While it is not an exhaustive list, this checklist covers some tax-related matters that you should consider turning your attention to


Sitting on a Non-Profit Board: A Risk Management Checklist

Serving as a director of a charitable or not-for-profit corporation can be a rewarding but potentially risky experience. A director can be held personally liable for his or her own actions or failures to act, as well as jointly and severally liable with the other members of the board of directors. Directors with specialized knowledge… Read More »


Technology product assessment worksheet

Use this worksheet to help evaluate technology you are considering adopting.


Questions About HST to Ask Yourself When Handling a Real Estate Transaction

Determining HST-applicability to real estate transactions can be more complicated than many lawyers assume. What’s more, a lack of clarity and errors can often lead to substantial unforeseen costs for clients. This is a dangerous combination from a claims perspective. Here are questions a lawyer should ask themselves about HST when acting on a real… Read More »


Using Title Insurance Safely Checklist

Title insurance plays an important role in real estate transactions. each transaction presents a different set of circumstances and risks. The Using Title Insurance Safely checklist (English) (Francais) keeps you on top of the variety of issues to consider when your are obtaining a title insurance policy for your client. The checklist provides further details… Read More »


Video Conferencing Checklist

There are a lot of things lawyers need to keep track of when providing legal services by video conference. This Video Conferencing Checklist (Word document or PDF file) will help you consider the steps you need to take before, during, and after a video conference meeting with a client. This Checklist has been modified from… Read More »


Wiring funds checklist

We are seeing a sharp increase in cyber attacks against law firms and their clients, where the goal is to divert wire payments to fraudsters’ accounts. When money gets diverted, the lawyer is out funds. Use this checklist for every transaction that involves wiring funds from your trust account.


Land Acknowledgement

The offices of LAWPRO are located on the traditional territory of many nations including the Mississaugas of the Credit, Anishnabeg, Chippewa, Haudenosaunee and Wendat peoples. Toronto is covered by Treaty 13 with the Mississaugas of the Credit. LAWPRO respects and acknowledges the histories, languages, knowledge systems, and cultures of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit nations.

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