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LAWPRO Magazine: 2011 Fall Communications

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Editorial: A clean slate 1

Perhaps it’s the crisp quality of the air at this time of year, the early evenings or the fact that vacation time is generally behind us. Or perhaps it’s a hold-over from the excitement we felt as we embarked on a new school year or a new course of study – or watch our offspring… Read More »

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Casebook: Communication is a two-way street 3

Some solicitors may think that the responsibility for maintaining appropriate solicitor/client communications lies solely with them. It is true that solicitors who fail to adequately communicate with their clients risk losing those clients – or even facing a malpractice claim. But it is also true that clients have reciprocal obligations to disclose relevant facts, to… Read More »

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Beware the Ides of Rule 48 4

The following scenario is familiar to all plaintiffs’ counsel. Consider it, for example, in the context of a slip and fall claim. Upon being retained and after having reviewed the relevant factual background, counsel chooses, wisely, to explore the prospect of resolving the claim without the need for formal proceedings. The liability insurer is like-minded… Read More »

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Six technology tools for improving client communication 5

Technology is becoming an ever greater part of our lives, both personally and professionally. On a daily basis most of us use a cellphone or smartphone, a desktop computer and the Internet. Many of us will have an iPad or other tablet device and be posting updates on Facebook, Twitter or other social media tools…. Read More »

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Lawyer incivility: How clients – and the bar- pay the consequences 8

The perception that the legal profession is becoming less civil has attracted widespread comment – from the judiciary to legal associations to regulatory bodies. The common concern: the potentially damaging consequences of a lack of civility on the individual matter, on the lawyer-client relationship (and on the quality of the service that the lawyer provides… Read More »

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