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Real Estate Webzine

In a busy real estate practice, complicated closings and tight deadlines can increase the chance of avoidable claims. Take a look at some practicePRO resources we’ve collected to help you navigate potential hazards in your legal practice.

Could these happen to you? Four easily avoidable transaction errors: Small errors can create big problems once a real estate transaction has closed. Read about some easy-to-make mistakes, and avoid headaches these errors can create for your practice.

Stay ahead of the game with complimentary online CPD: Check out our complimentary rebroadcast of CPD-eligible presentations on common closing errors given by LAWPRO counsel. Because it’s never too early to lock in those annual CPD credits.

Clearance certificate flowchart for purchases from non-residents: Our new flowchart and additional resources on section 116 of the ITA provide simple instructions on when and how to withhold and pay part of the purchase price when dealing with the sale of a property by a non-resident seller.

What kinds of real estate claims does LAWPRO see? Our Real Estate Claims Malpractice Fact Sheet contains information on where we see the most errors and omissions, and can help you identify key trouble areas.

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