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Domestic Contract Matter Intake Form

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Like most other areas of law, lawyer/client communications issues can play a significant role in domestic contract claims. The complexity of the subject matter makes it easy for clients to allege there were communication problems or errors. They will say that provisions were not explained to them, that they didn’t understand them or that they created unexpected or unintended consequences. Sometimes there is a real communications mistake and a legitimate claim due to an incomplete or improperly drafted domestic contract or other mistake by the lawyer.

Use this form during the first client interview to help you gather the appropriate information. This form systematically walks you through all the information you need to gather to prepare a domestic contract. Remember, all intake interviews should be conducted in person.

This Form is from LAWPRO’s Domestic Contract Matter Toolkit. It provides advice, forms and checklists that lawyers and law firms can use to lessen the risk of a claim. You can also download individual documents from the Toolkit:

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