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Important Resources for New Lawyers

You’ve got this. We’ve got your back.

Launching a legal career can feel overwhelming at times, but with the right tools you’ll be able to keep calm and grow your practice. We can help.

As your mandatory professional liability insurance provider, LAWPRO is committed to helping you manage your practice and avoid malpractice claims. To learn more about your mandatory professional liability insurance, check out our guide on what new lawyers need to know about LAWPRO. And be sure to keep an eye out for our New Call Package arriving in the mail, containing important information on your insurance coverage.

Take a look at some of the resources we offer to help you at every stage of your career.

Visit our new lawyer resources page

Need a retainer letter precedent, or a checklist to help guide your client intake procedures? See the practicePRO new lawyer page for these and many more resources to help start your career off on the right foot.

Now what? Tips for transitioning from student to lawyer

You have a law degree, but how do you turn that into a great legal career? Make sure you start your practice off on the right foot by reviewing these 20 tips on how to go from learner to lawyer.

Don’t fall for the myths about professional liability insurance

LAWPRO is very different from an auto insurer. Make sure you know how to best take advantage of your policy by reading about the common myths surrounding your insurance coverage.

Practice real estate? Minimize your risk

Real estate law continues to be the second largest LAWPRO claims area. Take our word for it, we know the stats. Here’s a TitlePLUS resource you can start using immediately to reduce your risk of seeing a claim down the line.

10 tips to better manage your inbox

If you’re like most lawyers, your inbox is where everything happens. Read about our top-ten tips for bringing peace and order to your email world.

You may also want to check out:

Our Fraud Fact Sheets: learn to spot the red flags of cyber or real estate fraud.

The practicePRO Lending Library: Borrow in-person or via e-mail from over 100+ books on a variety of law practice management related topics.

A New Lawyer Testimonial: Learn about building the foundations for a real estate practice from a new lawyer with first-hand knowledge.

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