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Having written my Master’s major research paper on the interaction between aboriginal title and statutory land registration systems, I have had some vicarious exposure to the experiences of Indigenous people with the law. It was an eye-opening experience to learn some of the profound differences in fundamental assumptions regarding governance, law, the land and our role as its inhabitants. I have since been interested in deepening my understanding of how the legal profession can serve Indigenous peoples, with everyone starting from the same place to the greatest extent possible.

I am thrilled that this issue of LAWPRO Magazine includes an in-depth discussion of the interaction between Ontario lawyers and their Indigenous clients. From the perspective of LawPRO, it is important that our insureds are aware of relevant legal issues, as well as how to elicit information from their clients that shines a light on their needs and desired outcomes, whether their clients are Indigenous or otherwise. Hopefully, our article will contribute to a greater comprehension of how we can best relate to one another.

As the artists who designed the mosaic featured on our cover said, perhaps we truly are entering a time when a new understanding of how we can all live together is upon us. I certainly hope so.