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Lawyers are exposed to high levels of stress on a daily basis. The results can be use, misuse or even addiction to drugs or alcohol, and challenges to physical or mental wellness. Stress is also a contributing factor in many LAWPRO claims. This section of the practicePRO site provides you with tools and resources to help you manage stress, and achieve a healthy and balanced lifestyle. There is also information on addictions, and if you or someone you know needs help, a list of programs that offer assistance to lawyers in crisis.

Homewood MAP  

Help for lawyers and licensed paralegals from Homewood Health

Homewood Health™ provides the confidential Member Assistance Program (MAP) for Ontario lawyers, paralegals, judges, students at Ontario law schools and accredited paralegal colleges, licensing-process candidates, and their families, with financial, arm's-length support from the Law Society of Upper Canada and LAWPRO. To learn more about the MAP, please visit or call 1-855-403-8922.

Completing a Homewood e-Learning course qualifies for one $50 LAWPRO Risk Management credit per policy year. Click here for details.

Tools to Stay Healthy

Taking steps to manage stress is just the start. Staying healthy is also an essential part of maintaining a productive and successful law practice. And there is a bonus: a healthy lifestyle will give you much more than a successful career. You will experience a boost in your energy level, an overall improved feeling about yourself and better-than-ever health. Consider the following three ways you can achieve a better-balanced and healthy lifestyle:


Personal problems are a part of most lives at one time or another. Being equipped to recognize and deal with performance detractors such as illnesses or addictions can help prevent them from negatively impacting one's personal and professional life. The following are five kinds of addictions that have played a role in the claims against lawyers in their legal practice.


LawPRO Magazine Articles on Wellness

A complete list of wellness and balance articles that have appeared in LawPRO Magazine.

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