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Dependence on drugs, including cannabis, cocaine, tobacco and others, is all too common in today's world. Learning the danger signs and understanding the medical implications of drug dependence is necessary to stay clear of the many harmful effects of such habits. Consider the information provided in the following pages.

Do you have a drug addiction?
Are you using drugs at a rate that may be putting your personal and professional life in danger? Try one of the following self-assessments to evaluate whether you are at risk.

Medical & Statistical Databases
The following sites offer medical and statistical information regarding drug use.

Treatment Centres & Resources
The following is a partial listing of centres and resources offering professional help for people with drug addictions.

  • Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (
    CCSA is Canada's national addictions agency. It provides objective, evidence-based information and advice that will help reduce the health, social and economic harm associated with substance abuse and addictions.

  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (
    This centre is a public hospital providing care for people with mental health and addiction problems. CAMH is Canada's leading teaching hospital and also offers community-based facilities offering health promotion and prevention services across the province.

  • Homewood Health Centre (
    This centre, located in Guelph, Ontario, provides a wide range of programs dealing with mental health and addictions.

  • Narcotics Anonymous (
    Narcotics Anonymous is an international, community-based association of recovering drug addicts that facilitates weekly meetings in over 100 countries worldwide. Local Canadian meetings can be referenced by area on this website.

  • Ontario's Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment (
    DART's role is to link professional callers with a range of suitable treatment options tailored to their individual clients, and to link members of the general public with local assessment and referral, withdrawal management, and other treatment resources for themselves or someone they know.

  • Renascent Treatment Centre (
    This treatment centre offers a variety of programs for people dealing with an alcohol or drug problem. Some of the services provided include: a men's and women's residential program; an outpatient program; continued care; a family program and corporate services.

I want help now
The Member Assistance Program (MAP) for Ontario lawyers, law students, licensed paralegals, and their families connects members with Homewood Health, the LAWPRO and Law-Society sponsored provider of confidential professional counselling for help with stress, burnout, alcohol, drug or other addictions, and mental illness. MAP services also include volunteer peer support and work-life balance coaching. If you, your partner or your spouse needs help, please call 1.855.403.8922 (TTY: 1.866.433.3305), or visit All calls are strictly confidential.


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