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managing practice interruptions

The terrible events of 9/11 served to highlight how vulnerable we all are to unexpected accidents and disasters. Accidents or disasters that have the potential to interrupt or destroy a law practice come in many forms. They can be natural, technology related, or man-made (both intentional and accidental). They may affect just a single person, everyone at a firm, or even a whole city or region.

Foresight, along with some planning and preparation beforehand is critical to minimizing the impact of any accident or disaster, large or small. This booklet provides a comprehensive review of the steps you can take to prepare for unexpected minor and major practice interruptions, and how you should respond to them. It reviews what you have to do to protect your people, your practice, and your premises and property.

To learn more about managing practice interruption:

managing PRACTICE interruptions Booklet

Surviving a Disaster: A Lawyer's Guide to Disaster Planning

The ABA Committee on Disaster Response & Preparedness has prepared this step by step approach to disaster planning that even a solo or small firm can undertake. Additional resources are available at

Surviving a disaster

Vulnerabilities assessment chart

practicePRO has created a spreadsheet chart that you can use to help identify and assess your vulnerabilities. It is available in either Acrobat PDF format or Microsoft Excel format. Included in both of these downloads are instructions on how to use this chart, and a sample chart that includes sample information on a number of common emergencies.

Aussi disponible en francais: Exemple de fiche de vulnerabilitie, evaluation des vulnerabilities - instructions

Preparing Your Practice for the Unpredictable


This July 2002 issue of LAWPRO Magazine also focused on disaster prevention and planning. It featured the comments of lawyers at various sized firms with respect to their disaster planning efforts. A PDF copy of this article is available here.

Lawpro Magazine 1(2), July 2002


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