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Dealing with Difficult Clients

Dealing with difficult clients is one of the most challenging parts of practising law. Difficult clients can be very hard to satisfy, and they can be frustrating, demanding and even upsetting. They often ignore your advice. They sometimes treat you badly, or (even worse) treat your staff badly. Lastly, they can be unhappy with the progress of the case, no matter how hard you have worked or how good the results are.

In her paper, Dealing with the Difficult Client, Carole Curtis passes on some very practical tips and advice on how you can better deal with clients. This comes from her many years of experience practising family law, an area particularly prone to difficult clients.

As a supplement to Carole’s article, we have also made available the two documents that Carole gives to all of her clients at the start of her retainer, a Billing Information document, and an Administrative Information document. These documents are provided as precedents and checklists to guide you in creating your own similar documents. They are provided for your consideration and use when drafting your own versions of these respective documents. They are not meant to be used "as is". They should be adapted to reflect your firm's procedures and policies, and will need to be modified to correspond to different areas of practice.

Taking the guesswork out of client communication

In addition to Carol Curtis' article on difficult clients, this issue of LawPRO Magazine includes:

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Lawpro Magazine 3(1), Spring 2004


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