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How to get the most out of each online coaching session

  1. View pages individually or download entire workshops
    To access an individual module in the online COACHING CENTRE, simply click on its name which is linked. When you do, it will open up in your computer's brower. You can read the module in the browser or print a hard copy to work with.

    To download all the modules in a workshop, click on "Download Full Workshop". This will download all the modules in a single, navigable PDF document that you can save on your computer. This is the more efficient way if you are planning to do several modules in a workshop.

  2. Navigating the PDF documents
    The PDF documents will have all the modules listed in a table of contents on the first page. Clicking on the name of a particular module will take you right to it, without the need to scroll through the entire document. You can also type right in the document, or print a copy to write on by hand.

  3. Keep it confidential
    For the most part, the answers you enter will not include confidential information. But if they do, keep the completed modules and stored in place (both hardcopies and PDF files) that will allow you to control access to them.

  4. Move to another module
    If viewing the modules online, you can return to list of workshops by clicking "coaching menu" on the navigation bar on the left side of the screen, or you can click the navigation links on the top of the page that show you the 'trail' you have followed to get to the module you are currently in.

    If you are in a PDF file, you can use the table of contents on Page 1 to take you right to any module in that workshop.

  5. Improve your performance: Make it a team effort!
    Using the online COACHING CENTRE to improve performance requires a plan. You need to decide what you need to improve, determine how to get the required knowledge and skills, and then develop an action plan to help get you there. To make this process more effective, find a colleague, friend or mentor who will act as a "sounding board" and help keep you on track. Review your plans with them, as well as what you've learned, and your next steps. Get their feedback on how you are progressing. You can also keep a learning journal. Jot down your list of what you'd like to learn, and then some action plans once you've finished a module. Revisit your plans regularly, and make a note of how well you are doing.

  6. Give us your feedback
    Your views, comments and suggestions are important to help us improve the online COACHING CENTRE to better meet your needs. You can access the form by simply clicking on the feedback link on the online COACHING CENTRE home page. This form provides you with the opportunity to provide comments on both the OCC and other resources in the practicePRO website.

  7. Get a $50 Risk Management Credit toward your insurance premium
    Upon completion of at least three modules in the online self-coaching tool, simply complete the LAWPRO Risk Management Credit Declaration, and you qualify for a $50 Premium Credit to be applied to your next year's insurance premium. Please note that the maximum Premium Credit available for the OCC is $50.

    If you have any other questions or difficulties in logging into the online COACHING CENTRE, please email practicePRO at [email protected] or or call 1-800 410-1013 or (416) 596-4623.


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