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Stress affects us all, in various ways. Too often, stress results in a decline in productivity and a slide in performance. The modules in this workshop will help you to develop attitudes, strategies and skills to increase productivity, motivation and performance in the face of stress.

Modules 1 to 10 will help you deal with a stressful environment. Modules 11 to 13 will help you better harmonize work and other responsibilities. Modules 14 to 20 will help you manage the usual barriers that change attracts. Modules 21 to 23 will help you with overcome the energy drain that comes from a stressful environment.

Unsure of where to start? Assess Yourself

  Managing stress by...
  knowing why you want to be stress hardy
overcoming feelings of guilt
talking back to your FeelingTalk
talking back to your negative MindTalk
talking back to your BodyTalk
changing your reaction to stressful situations
changing your thinking about stressful situations
letting go of unhelpful beliefs
focusing on your goals
being determined to succeed

Achieving work life balance...
understanding the components of your life
  focusing on what’s important
delegating to a policy
  Managing change by...
  integrating change into your life
dealing with resistance
communicating during the stages
taking charge of yourself
clarifying expectations and enhancing skills
coping with constant change
building resilience
Developing perseverance and tenacity by...
developing a positive attitude
dealing with negatives
overcoming fear


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