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Emotional Intelligence is the ability to build fruitful and productive relationships. It is fundamental to working productively with other people. The more emotional and social intelligence, common sense and street smarts we have, the easier it is to be efficient and successful in our daily lives.

Modules 1-4 focus on developing and improving self-motivation. Modules 5-10 coach you on how to take initiative and encourage proactive thought processes. Modules 11-13 teach you how to build your confidence and be more self-assured. Modules 14-17 focus on the importance of patience in the work environment. Modules 18-21 teach you to be flexible and better manage change. Modules 22-25 focus on building a caring environment which encourages all members of your staff to perform to their full potential.

Unsure of where to start? Assess Yourself

  Motivating yourself by...
  knowing what motivates you
increasing your self understanding
having positive expectations
taking on new challenges

Taking initiative by...
being a risk taker
having a positive vision
rising to the occasion
nurturing your creative side
turning barriers into stepping stones
planning quickly

Developing confidence by...
  acting on purpose
being your own coach
being authentic
  Developing patience by...
  increasing your emotional self-awareness
increasing your emotional awareness of others
managing your ego
keeping focused during conflict
Being more flexible by...

knowing what you can and cannot control
knowing how to cope with changing circumstances
handling ambiguity well
being adaptable while avoiding rigidity
Building a caring environment by...
learning how to say thanks
treating others with respect
knowing how to give feedback
valuing diversity


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