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The 150 modules in the OCC are organized into 6 workshops. Click on any of the six workshops to see the modules within that specific workshop.

Use the self assessments for assistance in identifying which modules in each workshop would be most helpful to you.

Getting Stress Hardy Workshop

Stress affects us all, in various ways. Too often, stress results in a decline in productivity and a slide in performance. The modules in this workshop will help you to develop attitudes, strategies and skills to increase productivity, motivation and performance in the face of stress. Assess Yourself

Powerful Communications Workshop

Communicating well can be a powerful tool. But poor communication can lead to disaster. In fact, failure to communicate effectively is one of the most frequent causes of claims against lawyers. The modules in this workshop will help you to be a better communicator - the first step in making meetings and discussions more effective and productive. Assess Yourself

Overcoming Procrastination Workshop

Procrastination is the single most common time management problem. Procrastination is also one of the most common causes of claims against lawyers. The modules in this workshop will help you to overcome procrastination and work smarter not harder. Assess Yourself

Practice Management Workshop

How you manage your practice is crucial to its success. Investing time in learning how to more effectively manage your practice will result in a healthier, more enjoyable and successful practice. The modules in this workshop will assist you with problem solving and negotiating skills and will show you how to become a better planner. You will also learn how to become an effective leader and motivate and coach the people in your office to be more efficient and satisfied in their work. Assess Yourself

Business Development Workshop

Business development is both an art and a science. Some people are naturally proficient at developing business because they start and cultivate relationships regularly. Others need guidance. The modules in this workshop will help you develop specific business development action steps that you can implement within your comfort level and time constraints. Assess Yourself

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to build fruitful and productive relationships. It is fundamental to working productively with other people. The more emotional and social intelligence, common sense and street smarts we have, the easier it is to be efficient and successful in our daily lives. Assess Yourself


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