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Business development is both an art and a science. Some people are naturally proficient at developing business because they start and cultivate relationships regularly. Others need guidance. The modules in this workshop will help you develop specific business development action steps that you can implement within your comfort level and time constraints.

Modules 1 - 6 will expose you to some novel approaches to business development. Modules 7 - 14 will focus your attention on how to turn any situation into a marketing opportunity. Modules 15 - 20 will give you insights on the many sources of business that you should target for development.

Unsure of where to start? Assess Yourself

  Developing business by...
  focusing on your goals
identifying your best tactic
giving away what you want
letting go of what's working
knowing that none of us is as strong as all of us
overcoming call reluctance with a time management policy

Developing business by...
listening first then helping
knowing that role portrayal leads to role realization
turning barriers into stepping stones
rising to the occasion
  being determined to succeed
helping your big break happen
being an evangelist for yourself
separating yourself from the herd
   Developing business by...
  knowing that professional services marketing is a lot like farming
finding referral sources
targeting suspects
developing prospects
getting more business from clients
fishing for whales


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